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Sandvine helps organizations run world-class networks with Active Network Intelligence, leveraging machine learning analytics and closed-loop automation to identify and adapt to network behavior in real time. With Sandvine, organizations have the power of an intelligent automated platform from a single vendor that delivers a deep understanding of their network data to drive faster, better decisions. Sandvine's Active Network Intelligence approach helps organizations drive new economics for their network across all lines of business. Sitting in-line on the network, our platform provides deep data granularity so that customers see everything, in real time. Full contextual awareness means that user, service, application, and device data are all correlated and made actionable. Combined with Sandvine’s robust analytics and policy-driven automation that continually identifies and reacts to changing network and user behavior, customers are empowered with insights that help them act smarter, every day. Sandvine’s cloud-ready platform can be deployed on any hardware, simplifying and accelerating integration with any network architecture. Our data APIs can feed into other back-end decisioning systems that accelerate putting your network data to work for the business. As a result, our solutions make networks more efficient, enable service differentiation, rationalize disparate data sources, and increase profit margins. With 2.1 billion network users across more than 150 major operators and 500 enterprises benefiting from using Sandvine as their network intelligence innovator and partner, Active Network Intelligence from Sandvine is powering the next wave of network transformation.