Data Engineer

What we value

We believe in hiring people that want a chance to do their best work. We believe driven engineers operate best in high-trust, small, cross-functional teams who work together with the rest of the business to bring value to our customers.

We believe great engineering happens in great teams that value improvement, curiosity and continuous learning. We align as a business on the challenges we need to solve and trust teams solve them in the best possible way.

We value experimentation, failing fast and being bold. We practice continuous delivery and fast iteration. We hate politics, gate-keeping, unfairness and toxic behaviour. We believe in transparency, even when it’s unflattering. We believe in honesty, even when it’s uncomfortable. We treat failure as a learning opportunity. We believe in ethical and responsible business practices and having a positive impact on the environment and our communities.

What you will be working on

Zappi’s Data Science team is growing and has a straightforward ethos; do awesome things with data.

You’ll apply your analytical, statistical, and engineering expertise as you build the data products that support stakeholders across the business and provide value to our customers. You’ll primarily work within a team of Data Scientists, Engineers and Product Development to ideate and build world class solutions for our end users. Some of the area’s we work on include:

  • Natural Language Processing- Turning open ended text data into meaningful insights for our customers through supervised and unsupervised approaches.
  • Applying data mining techniques, doing statistical analysis, and building high quality prediction systems that can be integrated within our data products.
  • Building statistical applications and pipelines to deliver deep and powerful analysis, simply.
  • Perform experimental design approaches to validate findings or test hypotheses
  • Work on complex analytical projects including presenting findings to senior management or clients


You Should be Comfortable with:

  • A theoretical or practical knowledge of machine learningPreferably in Python (Sklearn, tensorflow etc)Evaluating models/hypotheses
  • Preferably in Python (Sklearn, tensorflow etc)
  • Evaluating models/hypotheses
  • A solid grasp of statistical fundamentals and are comfortable:Describing data with distributions, errors, deviations and residualsFitting models, in either a machine learning context such as a Neural net, or in a traditional statistical setting such as an OLS
  • Describing data with distributions, errors, deviations and residuals
  • Fitting models, in either a machine learning context such as a Neural net, or in a traditional statistical setting such as an OLS
  • Writing simple scripts or application functionality in Python
  • Transferable technical experience. We don’t need deep expertise in our tech stack if you can demonstrate your ability to learn new technologies. This may include:Working as part of a team (feedback, peer reviews, …)Working knowledge of OOP, TDD, Unix shell, and CI/CDExperience with version control systems
  • Working as part of a team (feedback, peer reviews, …)
  • Working knowledge of OOP, TDD, Unix shell, and CI/CD
  • Experience with version control systems

Nice to Have:

  • Experience bringing Machine Learning based solutions to production and managing them while they are there
  • Ruby on Rails experience
  • Market research experience
  • Communicating technical ideas to non-technical peopleData presentationPlotting, Jupyter notebooks
  • Data presentation
  • Plotting, Jupyter notebooks
  • You will need to be able to demonstrate characteristics of a senior engineer (this is generally more than 4 years’ experience)
  • You are able to demonstrate how you add value to a team as a senior engineer, and what you expect from a high performing team

You need to have the right to work in the location advertised or in any of our supported remote working countries


  • Competitive pay scales that are benchmarked annually – this is not something we just say in job descriptions. You shouldn’t have to leave to earn what you’re worth
  • Tailored personal development through training allowances (for courses, conferences, etc), coaching, mentorship and career frameworks
  • Unlimited holidays – we encourage people to take plenty of leave
  • Flexible working arrangements, including remote (unless otherwise specified)
  • Thoughtfully designed offices to support both individual work and collaboration without interrupting others
  • Generous hardware budget – get what works for you
  • Support setting up your home office, if appropriate (chair + desk, etc)
  • Wellbeing benefits such as free yoga and access to trained therapists / counsellors
  • Paid 24h secure parking in Cape Town

Equal Opportunity

Zappi is an equal opportunities employer; our diversity is a major strength. We maintain a constant dialogue with our teams and wider communities about how we can become a more inclusive place to work.

Zappi is a SaaS company that is aimed at completely transforming the market research industry. Zappi is a platform that integrates world class research methodologies and engineering to allow brands to run consumer testing through all stages of advertising and innovation development. We are constantly innovating and tackling diverse and complex problems using a multitude of technologies in order to scale expertise and create the world’s most powerful enterprise research platform thereby making the world of insights even better. We have created an environment that fosters constant learning and innovating and we believe in having ambitious goals. We are data scientists, developers, researchers, analysts, designers, engineers, and marketers all driven by the notion of trying to make the impossible possible. To realise our vision we are constantly in search of people who will bring a different perspective, who will challenge our thinking, create value for our customers and apply themselves passionately to our vision and culture.