DevSecOps Engineer

Who we are:

In 2012, we set out to automate the world of market research. Now it’s 2021 and we want to make the world of insights better, to scale expertise and to create the world’s most powerful enterprise research platform.

We knew back then that to have continued success we needed an environment that fosters constant learning and ambitious goals; a place of diverse opinions and experiences, where talented people can do their best work with very little in their way.

To realize our vision, we are constantly in search of people who will bring a different perspective, who will challenge our thinking, create value for our customers and apply themselves passionately to our vision and culture.


The security team has multidisciplinary skills who aim to create and embrace an honest, transparent and reliable security management system that ensures our users, clients and other stakeholders operate in a secure environment. Our security analytics tooling includes TheHive + Cortex, ELK stack, MISP, Defect Dojo and Security Data Lakes. We are mandated to improve the security for our users, AWS Cloud Infrastructure, Zappi Applications (built with Rails, JavaScript, Python e.t.c) several supporting SaaS solutions and enforce regulatory compliance requirements. We are moving towards security focused on a combination of User-Centric, Data-Driven Security and Zero Trust Networks applied to a Mobile and Cloud-first organisation.

At Zappi we work hard to maintain an honest and transparent environment. We are humble; we hold ourselves and each other to account; we listen carefully to leverage our diversity as one of our biggest strengths; we value people who step up and show leadership, whatever their level or experience; and we deeply trust the people who work here to manage their commitments and their own time. If you are motivated by working with brilliant people and solving hard problems, you are going to love it here.

Must Have:

- Proven work experience in DevOps/Security Engineering

- Programming or scripting experience with at least one popular modern language e.g. Bash, Python, Ruby, Perl, R and Java

- Knowledge of network security and networking technologies e.g. firewalls, intrusion detection systems, anti-malware solutions, content filtering, log management and network monitoring tools.

- Familiarity with web-related technologies (Web applications, Web Services) and their protocols

- Experience with CI/CD processes and concepts using relevant technologies and tools (e.g. Jenkins, Terraform, Chef)

Nice to Have:

- Experience and/or knowledge of AWS Cloud Infrastructure and its security

- Experience and/or knowledge of Kubernetes

- Experience and/or knowledge of working with SIEM’s

- Experience and/or knowledge of building Infrastructure as Code


- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or other Technical discipline or equivalent relevant experience

- 2+ years of experience with Security Best Practices, implementing security solutions

- 3+ years of experience writing code or scripts in a modern programming or scripting language

Personal and Zappi Commitments:


- Prioritise your learning

- Take time to listen deeply before acting

- Aren’t afraid to address challenging issues directly, with compassion

- Lead through inspiration, not coercion and create space for others to lead

- Are comfortable with radical transparency

- Are comfortable with being uncomfortable, change is constant at Zappi

- Are humble and honest


- Listen carefully to each other and our customers

- Fundamentally trust each other

- Leave our egos at the door

- Aren’t afraid to fail

- Want to have a positive impact on our communities and the planet

Zappi is an equal opportunity employer; our diversity is a major strength. We maintain a constant dialogue with our teams and wider communities about how we can become a more inclusive place to work.


- Competitive pay scales benchmarked annually

- Unlimited holidays - this is not a trap! We expect and encourage people to take plenty of leave

- Work in a way that suits your lifestyle with flexible working and travel arrangements to/from work

- Open Plan Office with stocked snacks, fruit, beers and cool drinks

- Nice working setup (High-end spec MacBook Pro + Hi-Res Screen or 2 monitors + keyboard + Mouse + Stand etc.) - i.e. get what you ask for to make you productive

- Free Yoga

- Paid 24h secure parking

Zappi is a SaaS company that is aimed at completely transforming the market research industry. Zappi is a platform that integrates world class research methodologies and engineering to allow brands to run consumer testing through all stages of advertising and innovation development. We are constantly innovating and tackling diverse and complex problems using a multitude of technologies in order to scale expertise and create the world’s most powerful enterprise research platform thereby making the world of insights even better. We have created an environment that fosters constant learning and innovating and we believe in having ambitious goals. We are data scientists, developers, researchers, analysts, designers, engineers, and marketers all driven by the notion of trying to make the impossible possible. To realise our vision we are constantly in search of people who will bring a different perspective, who will challenge our thinking, create value for our customers and apply themselves passionately to our vision and culture.