Entrepreneurial IT Solutions Engineer

Annual base salary (This could vary from candidate to candidate)

Enable’s mission: Solving Digital Technology for emerging markets and climate tech. 

Wireless connectivity has opened countless business opportunities in emerging markets, empowering 2bn customers that  companies seek to register, collect data about, sell products and services to for the first time. All these companies rely on sophisticated IT systems to manage a large number of customers in an effective and commercially attractive way - but few have them in place today. 

At Enable, our mission is to change this. We are a highly specialized, venture backed  IT Consultancy firm that focuses on enabling companies in emerging markets to maximize their potential. We advise, design, and help develop the most effective IT solution for companies that leverage new technology like mobile and cloud to provide essential products and services such as clean energy, water, and recycling.

As a small team, our responsibilities encompass business consultancy, data science, IT architecture, and software engineering. We fulfill these responsibilities with a mission to improve the livelihoods of people in emerging markets.

IT Solutions Engineer

We are looking for an experienced IT Solutions Engineer that is both a passionate technologist and a proven customer advocate. Your main role will be to connect the dots between business needs, assess existing technical solutions for their appropriateness, and help design suitable architectures to help our customers grow their business through the use of technology. 

Your responsibilities

You will:

  • Work with external customers’ technical and business teams to turn business requirements into technical realities
  • Review and provide insight into clients technical setups, and suggest improvements/ recommendations
  • Compare software solutions given clients’ requirements
  • Develop and improve data models and related business processes 
  • Implement, configure and connect applications using APIs; manage cloud storage solutions
  • Design application networks
  • Occasionally represent Enable with clients onsite
  • Support project acquisition

Your profile

You fulfill the following minimum requirements:

  • BSc/BA in computer science, IT, business or other relevant field
  • IT solutions engineer with 3+ years experience 
  • Experience in multiple application network design projects 
  • Expertise in: Java/Python, Github, Postman, AWS/Azure/Google Cloud, low code development tools
  • Ability to work independently, take initiative and assume ownership of tasks
  • Ambition with an entrepreneurial, growth-driven mentality 
  • Analytical approach and strong problem-solving abilities
  • Willing to work remotely

Ideally, you will also have the following:

  • MSc/MBA in business, computer science, IT or relevant field
  • Advanced expertise in at least one of the following industries: climate tech, renewable energy, financial accounting, supply chain management, customer support, PayGo financing
  • Demonstrated ability to lead projects, teams, and customer engagements
  • Expertise in data modeling and business process modeling (ERD, BPM)

You and Enable

Work at Enable is driven by our core values:

  • Meaning over profit: Meaning for people, that is, employees and customers, is more important than profits alone.
  • Prioritise emerging markets: Enabling companies that provide essential products and services to underserved communities in emerging markets makes the world a better – a fairer place.
  • Collaborate to add value: We see ourselves as part of an ecosystem and therefore believe efficient collaboration is critical – collaboration in the team, with customers, and with stakeholders
  • Fight climate change: Climate change is the challenge of our times and warrants the focus of our activities on companies that are directly and indirectly reducing that challenge.
  • Passion: We embrace ambition (passion) and ambitious (passionate) people. We want to lead and improve and not follow or support.

At Enable, to combine work and meaning, we provide the flexibility that talented people need. Along with this role being fully remote, you will have opportunities to travel to client sites, and make use of flexible hours. These are only some of the components that make Enable a great place to work. We pride ourselves in being an inclusive, fair, and honest team. We care. We have fun.

We offer attractive compensation and reward performance. 

Enable's mission is to provide the most effective digital technology solutions and consultancy services to investors and companies in emerging markets and climate technology We are a team of passionate technology experts – passionate about making the world a better place, and experts in information technology.