Junior Web Developer

We are looking for a Junior Web Developer who has a solid understanding of web development principles and has working experience with HTML, SOAP, REST, JQuery, JSOn, Ajax and MSSql. You need to have grit working at different levels and different paces as we are a fast moving marketing agency. You are a team player who can also work independently and is a quick study. If you are looking for the next challenge, can fit in with our crowd, you can show you are coach-able and willing to learn, then we guess we have found our Junior Web Developer!


  • You have good planning, anayltical and decision-making skills
  • You have strong troubleshooting skills
  • Ideally you should have a minimum of 2 years’ working experience as a web application developer
  • You understand web design / UX and have Photoshop skills and know how to do responsive web design
  • You have a portfolio of projects to present to us
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