Quality Analyst

Job description

Overall Purpose.

The Quality Assurance Analyst will be responsible for ensuring all customer interactions in the MKOPA call centre are handled as per the standard operating procedures. The QA will work hand in hand with other quality Analysts and Team leaders to ensure the quality of customer service in the call centre is not compromised at all the points of interaction.

Key Accountabilities.

  • Monitor and analyse calls to ensure CCR interactions are as per company call handling standards.
  • Periodically report on the centre’s quality performance to the CC management and creatively suggest ways of improving operational efficiency and the quality of service delivery across all CRMs
  • To support management by ensuring that quality assurance processes are followed so that service quality is not compromised
  • Design quality and compliance processes as and when there is business need.
  • Quality analyst should also stay abreast with industry trends. An analyst should benchmark the practices of various firms with contact centres to identify what other quality- assurance teams are doing to improve customer relations.
  • Conduct regular customer and agent surveys to check satisfaction levels and recommend corrective actions.

Incumbent Requirements;


  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field from a recognized institution.
  • 1 years’ experience as quality analyst in a busy call center environment.

Required Skills.

  • Experience as a Customer Service Representative is strongly desired so that they are in a better position to understand the role challenges and provide constructive feedback to management.
  • Customer – centric
  • Innovativeness.
  • Data analysis capability and ability to influence data driven decisions.
  • Fluent in at least English & Luganda / or a major language found within any of the Sales Regions
  • Time management and ability to prioritize and be able to work independently in order to manage the workload and meet required deadlines and targets
  • Proficiency in MS Excel, MS Work and MS Power point
  • Exceptional listening, analytical and communication skills to be able to evaluate the quality of each recorded call and provide objective and constructive feedback.
  • Teamwork and collaboration to work effectively with a team of quality assurance specialists and ensure consistency in how recorded calls are evaluated and feedback provided.
  • Should be self-motivated & able to demonstrate a drive for results with a professional approach.
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