Senior Back End Developer

About The Role

As a Backend Engineer at SALORA, you will architect highly-performant, reliable, scalable

applications. You will work closely with other backend developers to design/develop GraphQL APIs under microservices architecture, you will be working with open source technologies such as Redis/ELK stack, integrating 3rd party APIs, maintaining server infrastructure, monitoring metrics.

What You'll Do

• Contribute to the design and implementation of scalable database architecture and server-side infrastructure, built for high concurrent user traffic.

• Design and develop GraphQL API to support frontend functionalities.

• Oversee and track metrics for monitoring system stability and security

• Write maintainable and extensible code with high quality tests and documentation

Basic Qualifications

• 5+ years backend development experience.

• Proven experience of shipping high-quality product features on schedule

• Experience implementing sophisticated projects with multiple dependencies

• Extensive expertise in Javascript /Typescript and experience with frameworks like React

• Extensive experience with Node.js

• Strong knowledge of SQL and relational databases

• Demonstrated success in continuous integration, automated testing, source control, and other DevOps methodologies.

• Comfortable with Linux.

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