Senior Data Analyst

Who we are?

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Your role:

The Senior Data Analyst reports to the Data Services Team Lead and is responsible for all things data: including validation, cleaning, ingestion, storage, maintenance, and analysis. The key objective of the Data Services Team, and thus the Senior Data Analyst, is to ensure that our team has the highest quality sports and statistical data. To reach this goal, you will collaborate with the Team Lead to define, refine and execute processes that maintain the high quality and integrity of our data. The Senior Analyst will help to mentor team members in their day-to-day tasks. You will also support the Team Lead in planning, technical decisions, and collaborating with teams we support for their data needs to develop new insights that could further enhance our data offerings.


· Guide the Data Services Team through definition and execution of a tailored data strategy

· Define and enforce data SLAs to maintain high standards of acquisition, handling, storage, and quality

· Maintain detailed, up-to-date documentation of internal data assets

· Assess and document external data feeds and products

· Ensure on-time delivery of data-driven content and product offerings produced in support of front-facing business units

· Co-ordinate with cross-functional experts throughout the company to validate and develop new insights


· Degree in mathematics, statistics, computer science, or related fields

· 5+ years of professional experience in data analysis, DBA, or relevant positions

· Expert statistical, analytical, and data-driven decision-making skills, with an emphasis on attention to detail

· Experience with SQL or other querying languages

· Experience with Python or other scripting languages

· Advanced knowledge of best practices in data quality, monitoring, and database design;

· A natural curiosity for all things related to data and a drive to improve data systems and processes using emerging and existing technology

· Ability to guide communication between cross-functional teams on product delivery and debugging on technical or business matters

· Expert analytical and data-driven decision-making skills

· Creative thinking and motivated self-starter with an ability to quickly grasp complex concepts and technologies

· Comfortable leading projects from start to finish with minimal supervision

· Ability to work within aggressive and dynamic timelines

· Excellent team player and positive contributor to the culture of the business

· A passion for sport

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