Software Engineer, Mobile - Front End

A World-Changing Company
At FreeWroad, we’re passionate about building software that solves problems. We partner with the most important Travel institutions in Africa to transform how they use data and technology.

The Role
From the moment you flexed your first div tag, you knew that frontend was for you. What you didn’t know was how far beyond the simplicity of a grid-based layout your journey would take you. Frontend software engineers at FreeWroad are constantly exploring new horizons: between type theory, operational transforms, 2D and 3D mapping, UI design systems, high-scale graphics rendering, evidence-based performance optimization, and the never-ending need to decompose user tasks into beautiful and maintainable software, there is always a new challenge to be faced.
Everyone at FreeWroad is encouraged to play to their personal strengths, so there is no “one size fits all” approach to mobile frontend engineering at FreeWroad. Here are a few of the many diverse types of frontend software engineers you may work with at FreeWroad:
• The engineer who balances velocity with refinement, sprinkling code improvements at a constant clip and writing clean, production-quality code that helps mature early ideas into hardened products.• The engineer who loves the challenge of isolating and crushing standalone problems under the might of an elegantly designed library. Writes beautiful APIs and documentation. May be active in Open Source.• The engineer who thrives in a green field, working effortlessly with or without a designer to bring wispy ideas from whiteboard to prototypal fruition in record time. Abides by the mantra of “Move fast and make things.”• The engineer who seeks to understand, capture, and celebrate the tiny details in the world around us. Lives for pixel perfection and the final layers of polish, elegance, and performance that will make our products take flight.• The engineer who optimizes the tooling that others depend on, pushing the boundary of what frontend build systems can deliver. Harnesses tools such as Webpack, Lerna, and Babel to increase developer productivity and package code to be deployed anywhere.

Core Responsibilities
As a mobile frontend engineer at FreeWroad, you will be involved throughout the product lifecycle - from idea generation, design, and prototyping to execution and shipping. You’ll collaborate closely with designers, product managers and backend developers to shape and build powerful data-backed applications. You will be involved in high-level product and technical decision-making, as well as diving deep into the weeds to unblock those around you and write thoughtful, maintainable code. We encourage all team members to stay up-to-date with current frontend trends, identify community best practices, and teach others around them through code reviews and internal tech talks.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent understanding of algorithms, performance, and mobile application design.
  • 3+ years writing production-quality Kotlin/Java.
  • Familiarity with multiple web APIs (e.g. WebSockets, Web Workers, WebRTC, Canvas, WebGL).
  • Have published at least one original Android/IOS app
  • Working knowledge of the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies.

Our team has people from a variety of backgrounds—people who studied type design, computer science, psychology; people who joined FreeWroad right after university; and people who joined our team after switching industries. We value skills and mindset over a specific educational background.

FreeWroad is re-imagining Travelling across Africa in the 21st century, ushering in a new age of digitalization that will set a standard in the Travel industry. FreeWroad builds software that integrates the existing private and public transport companies into an ecosystem that reduces operation friction for travel companies while giving users a smooth travel experience. In combining all top technology requirements into one cost effective solution, we’re helping Travel companies grow and compete with each other at a national/international level while at the same time letting Travellers have their best moments whether they're travelling across cities or Countries.