Android Engineer

Ready to change the world? We’re reinventing freight and logistics at Trella. We’re a YC-backed technology company and we're looking for the best talent out there to help us build and scale our product offering. We aspire to create a step-change in the industry and we want you to be a part of the journey!About the role:Our mission is to make trucking efficient, reliable and convenient. We aim to ease the hassle of repetitive tasks and make our clients focus only on the important issues to provide a convenient experience we use the mobile as part of our channels to engage and notify our clients in realtime. We largely use Android as it dominates a larger percentage of our users. In light of this, We are looking for Mid-level to Senior Android Engineers to be part of our team with his/her Green Robot Spirit. 

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • As software Engineers we learn by doing, so searching skills and having the confidence to solve mysteries in the Android world is nice to have.
  • As an Android team we work collaboratively with other functions in Squads form so be ready to know and work with a lot of unique talents which are the core of Trella beloved family culture. 
  • We are looking for Engineers that have an inner hunger to learn and always seeking to grow his/her learning curve to the next level.


  • Minimum 2-5 years of professional experience in software development.
  • We work with these technologies and would be a great addition if your comfortable working with it:
  • Strong knowledge using the following programming languages:Git, Kotlin, Android Jetpack Libraries ( Architecture, Navigation, Lifecycle, Room, Paging), Android Threading and Asynchronouz and Okhttp and Retrofit. 
  • Implementing different layers of Android Trending Architectures like MVVM , MVI. 
  • Basic Gradle Scripting with Groovy or Kotlin DSL. 
  • Design Android Material Components. Hands on experience with Reactive programming using RxJava or Kotlin Flow. 
  • Structuring Dependency Injection with Dagger/Hilt or Manual Injection. 
  • Comfortable with integrating clean Architecture and design patterns into the core.
  • Manipulating JSON parsing with Moshi or Kotlin Serialization. 
  • Understanding of Continuous integration using Github Actions. 
  • Solid knowledge of how to architect a feature using the best practices like state of machine and Reactive streams.  
  • Familiarity with Functional Programming is a plus. 
  • Designing UI using Jetpack Compose is a plus. 
  • Being an active community member is a plus.

Trella aims to structure and regulate the freight industry with a goal of improving efficiency and reducing waste throughout the entire supply chain. This can only be achieved through building technology to create an interconnected network of carriers and shippers. Through this technology, Trella will improve shipping routes, increase truck utilization and efficiently batch shipments. This will effectively reduce costs throughout the entire supply chain, improving carrier and shipper economics and ensure both ends of the marketplace profitably grow their businesses - creating unprecedented economic opportunities in the logistics space - while reducing environmental waste.

Trella is a technology platform that connects shippers to carriers. Trella empowers drivers, improves their efficiency, boosts their earnings and utilization as well as provide job opportunities. Trella also works to reduce costs for shippers, introduce a transparent pricing structure, provide them with a more reliable source of carriers while allowing them to track their shipments in real-time as well as report key insights on their transportation trends and performance.