Back End Developer

We are recruiting a Mid-Level Backend End Developer with 3 plus years of experience building software in a team environment. The ideal candidate would have a portfolio of work that documents their backend end skills and specific experience building enterprise-scale web applications. As a mid-level developer, we’re looking for someone who can work mostly independently and who would be working closely with more senior resources to execute on existing development plans.

· Deliver output in line with your seniority. As a mid-level resource, work closely with more senior resources to build a plan for tackling your work and own the implementation details.

· Deliver high-quality back-end code that aligns with the standards set out by the tech lead.

· Communicate succinctly, consistently, and effectively in meetings and all written media. Demo your work when asked.

· Learn and implement new technologies and help evolve existing ones

· Participate constructively in code reviews and thumbs up/down work. Know the standards of the department and breathe life into them by living up to them with your day-to-day work.

· Provide accurate estimates for the completion of tasks.

Necessary Qualities

· Be methodical and organized in your work.

· Be willing to speak up: if you have an idea for what we can do better, bring it to the team for discussion. If you have concerns about a direction, bring them to the team.

· Know when to let go: be willing to accept the direction of the tech lead, don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Work with those more senior than you and have the wisdom to know when compromising on a desired technical path is appropriate.

· Excellent communication skills, including the ability to present ideas and provide constructive feedback to peers.

Technical Must haves:

. Should be able to consume and write Rest end-points

· 3+ years of writing OO PHP code. Know the differences between PHP5 + PHP7

· 2+ years of writing code for a Laravel application. Will consider some other frameworks as a partial equivalent, but you must have documented Laravel experience.

· 3+ years of SQL experience

· Git version control

Have Experience with most of the following:

· 3+ year writing PHP Unit tests

· 2+ year experience with TDD practices; using tools such as PHPLint and/or PHPMD

· 2+ years of task runners like Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, and/or npm

Be able to consume REST APIs and work with backend developers directly to describe your needs as these are being built

· 1+ year exposure to react.js -- you won’t be a front-end developer, but you will need to work closely with some. The more you know, the better.

Nice to haves

· DevOps experience, particularly with AWS; You won’t need it in your day, but if you have a grasp of containerization, you’ll be in good shape

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