Backend Engineer

Do you have software development experience? Are you looking for a remote job? Then we have the opportunity for you!

We're looking to hire a Senior Backend Engineer located within Africa, to join our exciting remote team. We are one of the first movers in bringing Cryptocurrency to the masses in Africa and the Middle East.

As a Senior Backend Engineer you will make an extremely high impact in a fast scaling team. We are looking for someone who has experience with our tech stack within an agile delivery philosophy.

The ideal candidates are ones that have previously worked within the FinTech/ Crypto space and are clear communicators who are highly self-motivated; eager to collaborate, exchange knowledge, apply new skills and pitch in for whatever the team needs to ship new code.

Our technology stack includes: NodeJS, VueJS, Serverless Framework, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, AWS SQS, AWS IoT, AWS EC2, ELK Stack, Jest, Flutter and more.

Type of person: Critical thinking, strong in your domain and can engage and lead your dream in some of the largest most intimidating companies in the world

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