Backend Python Engineer

Invictus Capital is a global leader in alternative investments and developed the first tokenized cryptocurrency index fund in 2017. Invictus has grown to a team of 30 and has continued to pioneer in the space. We have developed a world-class real-time, 24/7 investment platform supported by over 15,000 investors from 150 countries. 

We also have a dedicated team of quantitative financial specialists working on automated trading strategies using advanced machine learning and other data techniques. 

Invictus Capital’s engineering team is responsible for the development, testing and deployment of various software products. All our products are built using a microservices architecture design and run fully containerized in the cloud. We mainly code in Python (backend) and ReactJS (frontend).

Job Description:

  • Developing, maintaining and supporting our production systems (retail investor product and/or our proprietary crypto trading framework) by writing efficient and well documented (Python) code
  • Working in a team of 6 other engineers (some back-end, some front-end and some full-stack)
  • Assessing, prioritizing feature requests together with the product team 
  • Participating in the standard Agile ceremonies
  • Testing and debugging code that you and the team has produced
  • Providing backend-related user support

We are looking for a seasoned software engineer with:

  • At least 3 years experience working with Python stack in Linux or MacOS.
  • A comprehensive understanding of databases (we use PostgreSQL and Redis)
  • Experience deploying containerized microservices in Kubernetes which use gRPC and Pub/Sub to communicate with each other
  • Experience using cloud platforms like AWS, Azure etc… (we use a combination of GCP, AWS and some other smaller providers) 
  • An understanding of of what it means to develop maintain and support multi-user production environments dealing with our investor’s money


  • You should have a relevant formal qualification from a first-rate university, or equivalent knowledge:
  • BSc Eng in a relevant field (Electrical Engineering; Information Engineering/Systems; Network engineering; or similar)
  • BSc Comp Sci with network or ops experience; etc

Additional information:

We use the following tools, frameworks, languages and technologies in the backend

Languages: Python, SQL, (some)Golang

Task management and version control tools: Jira, Confluence, Gitlab

Google Cloud technologies: Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, BigQuery, Pub/Sub, Redis

If you have experience / understanding of the following it will be very helpful in the job application process:

  • An understanding of cryptocurrency/blockchain technology as we integrate all our products with this technology 
  • Experience with writing smart contracts in Solidity on the Ethereum blockchain
Invictus Capital offers alternative investment products for the modern investor. We believe investing should be convenient, transparent and low-cost.