Brand & Product Marketing Executive, Fichaya

Company Description

We are currently recruiting for portfolio start-up, Fichaya

Fichaya provides cleaning services to homes and offices powered by technology. Their platform provides process automation to securely book monthly cleaning subscriptions for homes and offices. Beyond providing a cleaning experience that their customers appreciate, they are creating jobs for their cleaning associates so they are able to put food on the table of their families, provide basic education amongst other basic necessities.

Job Description

Our Product Marketing team’s mission is to generate customer insights that inform Fichaya’s product strategy, lead go-to-market for our suite of product services, and create and execute campaigns to drive product growth. Product Marketing is a highly cross-functional role at Fichaya, partnering closely with Product and Engineering, Sales & Design. Different from many other Product Marketing teams, the product marketing team will also work across the entire product lifecycle, from helping shape the product, to driving launch and commercialization, to growing product adoption post-launch. 

Also, as an early member of the marketing team, you’ll be a core part of helping to grow the brand through different channel offline & digital channels by crafting inspiring and compelling stories, experiences, and community that demonstrate Fichaya’s most important operating principle: Being Customer focused. 

❏ Collaborate across functions, markets and regions, to develop highly effective, creatively excellent integrated marketing campaigns, including but not limited to: advertising, social, digital and experiential conception, development and production, media strategy, execution, optimization, and program reporting, ensuring all marketing activities feel local and personal. 

  • Organize and oversee advertising/communication campaigns via social media channels, TV, Online & Offline Newspaper (Local & International etc.), Webinars, Seminars, Community events and promotional events. 
  • Conduct market research and analysis to evaluate trends, brand awareness and competition ventures for relevant markets. 
  • Content development and storytelling for diverse distribution channels (Blogspot, press releases, website material, Social Media, Email Marketing etc.) 
  • Track, measure marketing activities including but not limited to campaigns, strategic partnerships, storytelling contents and provide quantitative and qualitative reports weekly as well as monthly.
  • Deeply understand how to scope and execute marketing strategies needed to reach different customer segments: talk regularly to users a prospects and work with our Analytics team for qualitative and quantitative insights that inform your work (content, messaging, positioning etc) 
  • Drive local and international strategic partnerships that leads to growth & promotes the brand of the company for relevant markets Fichaya operates in. 
  • Manage and track brand marketing budgets and ensure effective budget use, meeting or exceeding efficiency targets.


  • At least 3+ years of progressive experience in product or brand management
  • Experience in a role supporting marketing, brand management or product management and leading the development of new/existing products or strategies from conception to implementation
  • BSc in Marketing, Communication, Business Administration or related field
  • Familiarity with distribution channels and media marketing campaigns
  • Knowledge of digital marketing tools and techniques
  • Ability to conduct market analysis (and the know-how to use and interpret spreadsheets and charts)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Strong analytical skills with a goal-oriented attitude
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