Chief Financial Officer

The iX team is a collective of smart, diverse & highly motivated individuals who work collaboratively in cross-functional teams finding exceptional ways of dealing with challenges to create the best learning experiences for our students. We are highly agile, adaptable and just love using advanced technology and the resultant data to drive informed decision-making. The iX values guide our thinking and behaviours each day so the collective works in a way that problem solves for now and ideates for the future simultaneously. We are creative. We are courageous. We are consistent. We are conscious.

We dream big. We evolve everyday. We connect deeply. We are proudly the iX team.

Why Work for Us:

Dream Why are you here? What do you want to experience? How do you want to contribute to others? These are the questions that guide the journeys of our students and the core team.

Evolve We challenge our team to be disciplined learners who continually evolve, step by step, day by day. At iX, it's OK to make mistakes—it's not OK to not learn from them.

Connect We believe what makes work ultimately rewarding are the people you share your time with. As a team, we dine, hike, surf, hit the gym, and travel the world together.

Your role as the CFO of the iX Team:

  • Company Strategy: Serve as a member of the executive team and will be an architect of the company’s strategy. You will be key in developing and driving operational and financial changes which contribute to a scalable business.
  • Compliance: Ensure the company remains tax and legally compliant in all jurisdictions in which it operates.
  • ROI Optimisation: Ensure and report on ROI in terms of engagement and deployment of resources across all departments in line with the strategy set.
  • Risk Management: Safeguard the future value of the business by critically examining the risks and expected returns on different strategy alternatives. This can be a balance of challenging approaches while continuing to be viewed and valued as a growth and prudent risk-oriented team member.
  • Team Management & Growth: Manage and grow a team of financial and legal specialists that will help the company achieve its growth ambitions. Contribute to hiring across the company.
  • Support the COO and CEO and other stakeholders to raise capital to scale the business where applicable.
  • Reporting: Prepare and deliver reports to the Board and Executive Committee including management accounts, financial segments of Board packs and the annual financial statements.
  • Culture: Drive the iX culture and values across the business.

Abilities & skills you’ll need to have to do this particular job well:

  • You have 8+ years of post articles CA(SA) experience with a minimum of 5 years in financial services.
  • You have a minimum of 3 years in an executive leadership position.
  • You have successfully navigated the process of raising capital which would entail you creating multiple valuation models coupled with pitching to investors.
  • You have successfully managed and negotiated complex legal processes and contracts.
  • You have expertise in defining the processes and implementing the financial and legal infrastructure/systems needed to support substantial growth.
  • You have experience working in different jurisdictions and are able to adapt to the underlying tax/legal frameworks in each location.
  • You have experience working in rapidly changing environments that require changes in resource allocation and financial planning.
  • You are highly skilled in pricing strategy and market analysis.
  • You have experience in working with and managing financial forecasting.

Key Competencies you'll need to have:

  • Integrity and Trust. You do not cut corners ethically. You earn trust and maintain the confidence of clients and team members. You present the unvarnished truth in an appropriate manner.
  • Has strong Strategic Agility and the ability to Manage Vision and Purpose. You can see and communicate the big picture in an inspiring way. You determine opportunities and threats through a comprehensive analysis of current and future trends.
  • Innovation Management. You generate new and innovative approaches to problems, with good judgement.
  • Entrepreneurial. You have experience creating new value within the business.
  • Data-driven & Digitally Competent. You have experience utilising data from across the business to drive insights and better decision making. You are aware of the most relevant or common technologies and can decide upon the most appropriate technology according to the purpose or need at hand.
  • An active listener. You let others speak and seek to understand their viewpoints.
  • Highly Assertive & good Command Skills. You move quickly and take a forceful stand without being overly abrasive.
  • Open to Self Development. You often solicit feedback and react calmly to criticism or negative feedback.
  • An excellent Team Player. Whilst significant skill and diligence is required in the role, the need to manage internal and external communications with fellow staff members and suppliers is crucial. EQ is just as valuable as IQ.
  • Negotiating skills. You are able to negotiate skilfully in tough situations with both internal and external groups with diplomacy.
  • You have excellent Business Acumen and Perspective. You are highly adept at navigating complex challenges.
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