Cloud Solution Architect





The cloud solution architect will be responsible for planning, maintaining and designing cloud solutions. He/she will have to translate business requirements into proposed architectural solutions across business units and business processes. Responsible for formulating the future cloud state architecture for a particular initiative and for providing a high level roadmap for the implementation of the cloud solution architecture.


Technology Solutions

  • Accountable for the creation of cloud architecture solutions to meet business requirements, in line with the IT strategy and architecture. Business requirements to be provided by the business analysis team.
  • Collaborate and support the development of the cloud strategy and plan.
  • Ensure that the outcomes delivered by projects are consistent with the original cloud solution specified by IT e.g. supports the project manager to resolve technical issues during build.
  • Work with the vendors, business analysts and system analysts to design cloud solutions

Subject matter Expertise

  • Provide ad-hoc consultancy as required to senior business stakeholders on matters relating to cloud solutions.
  • This will involve provide specific content knowledge of WFS solution components. Although detailed SME input will be provided by vendors the Cloud Solution Architect with be required to co-ordinate this activity.
  • Adding clarity to business requirements; challenging business requirements and demands to ensure high quality candidate solutions are created.
  • Thinking outside of the box to support the business in delivering its strategic objectives rather than just responding to a pre-defined request.
  • Advising on supplier and cost options, and ensuring that the validity of the overall solution is fully represented and considered in any RFI/RFP process, or in the creation and evaluation of proof of concept solutions.

Methodology and Quality Assurance

  • Work with the Architecture Review Board to consult on the quality of the IT business solution and architectural soundness of the design.
  • Continuously identify opportunities to improve and streamline cloud business solutions


  • Strong architecture skills (TOGAF, UML, Archimate)
  • Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, CloudFormation)
  • Knowledge of one or more cloud programming languages available for today’s cloud computing (i.e., SQL data, XML data, R math, Clojure math, Haskell functional, Erlang functional, Python procedural, and Go procedural languages)
  • AWS: Control Tower, Organizations, Landing Zone, Security Tooling (AWS Securityhub, AWS Inspector, AWS Guarduty, AWS Detective, NGFW’s)
  • AWS Identity and Access Management: Candidate needs to illustrate his/her understanding of the IAM Policy evaluation logic
  • AWS VPC: Hub and Spoke Design with AWS Transit Gateway, AWS Site-To-Site VPN, AWS Client VPN, Security Groups
  • AWS Resource Access Manager
  • Network routing and DNS management, Route Tables, S2S and Direct Connect, etc
  • Monitoring solutions like CloudWatch, CloudTrail, ELK Stack, Prometheus, etc.
  • Strong UML skills
  • Working within both Agile and traditional waterfall environments
  • Analysis and design
  • Broad general IT knowledge.


  • Computer Science/Information Systems/Mathematics/Engineering degree
  • TOGAF certification
  • AWS/Azure certifications beneficial


  • 12 years IT experience
  • 10 Years of solid cloud experience (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • At least two years as a cloud architect
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