Creative Designer

About you

You are a brand-conscious designer who is able to work with the marketing team to deploy visual communication across all channels.

You are able to work with a brand guideline and assume the role of a brand guardian; ensuring that the Fundall brand is interpreted appropriately and consistently on all of its visual touchpoints.

We think you should be able to communicate strongly, think creatively, be detail-oriented and work with timelines. 

Your work environment will be a liberal one and we want you to work with the team showcasing a high level of problem-solving skills, decision-making and organizational skills. We value people and would also expect that you take a customer-driven approach to create marketing and advertising materials.

Minimum qualifications

  • At least 2.5 years of experience as a graphic designer
  • You have experience creating marketing materials, not just brand design
  • Skilled in illustration, motion graphics
  • Understands and able to adapt to trends within the scope of the industry
  • Able to interpret a creative brief and come up with directions with little supervision
  • Possesses an understanding of advertising campaigns
  • A background of working well as part of a design team
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