Data Analyst

Good Nature is a legume seed company founded to profitably move farmers out of poverty and into the middle class. We believe that the future of agriculture in Africa is disaggregated, with smallholders as the most powerful producers for local, regional, and global markets. We have designed our systems to be personal yet scalable. We have overseen consistent annual growth in our supply chain (currently at 11,000+ small-scale legume seed and commodity producers), production, grower income (now 300% of baseline) and company revenue, as our growers learn and become more efficient.

We are now at a point of inflection: expanding beyond Zambia, adding new product lines and revenue streams, and strengthening our services to both growers and customers with investments in technology and integrated market access for customers of Good Nature Seed.

Reporting to:               EZCF Program Manager

Position Band:             TBD

Compensation:                       Competitive

Contract Duration:                 12 months

Position Purpose

Since 2014, Good Nature Agro’s success has been driven by a deep commitment to smallholder farmers, the highest-quality training and products, and our innovative approach to system change.

In the next 18 months, we will be embarking on a bold growth trajectory including:

  • Releasing exciting new varieties created by our Seed Breeding and R&D Team
  • Launching a game-changing digital platform, linking across our supply chain
  • Acquiring new land and doubling factory processing capacity
  • Expanding further operations into Malawi
  • Increasing exports and building new business lines
  • Scaling our innovative new sales and partnerships strategy, Good Nature Source
  • Growing our leadership team and investing in talent development
  • Reaching more than 11,000+ farmers with ‘Seed + Service’ offering of training, market
  • Access
  • Reaching more than 250,000 farmers with quality seed
  • Closing our Series B equity round

Duties and Responsibilities

As a Data Analyst you will report to the EZCF Program Manager and work closely with the senior Lead Data Analyst Associate, and GNA’s Smallholder Database Associate. This position is closely focused on monitoring Good Nature’s Agro’s progress towards the objectives in a large Enterprise Challenge Fund Grant from the European Union that spans from 2021 to 2023. You will help the EZCF Program Manager prepare donor reports and lead enumeration and monitoring work in the field necessary to assess progress in tracking project indicators and milestones. You will support the Lead Data Analyst in refining the EZCF Monitoring and Evaluation framework.

Essential Requirements

  • Bachelors Degree or above in Statistics, Development Studies, Economics, Agriculture, OR any Masters Degree in which the use of statistical analysis and statistical software (SPSS, STATA or R) was necessary for published research
  • Working competency with R statistics software or STATA (proof will be required). Competency with both is highly preferred
  • Experience conducting monitoring and evaluation fieldwork
  • –         Highly analytical, pragmatic, and proactive personality

Asset Requirements

  • Experienced in monitoring and evaluation, with an in-depth understanding of quantitative and qualitative approaches in social science
  • Experienced with programming survey Apps such as Kobo Toolbox, ODK, Survey CTO, CSPro, Survey Solutions or other free data software in order to collect digital data
  • Experience in data analysis in Excel, including statistical analysis and visualization
  • Experience supervising rural enumerators
  • Ability to deliver high-quality and thought-through work under time-pressure
  • Experience with geographical information systems is an asset (e.g. QGIS)
  • Strong communication skills
  • Highly detail oriented
  • Familiarity with small-scale agriculture and rural settings

Core Responsibilities

  • Work with EZCF Programme Manager and the Lead Data Analyst Associate to refine and implement the monitoring framework for the EZCF grant
  • Take the lead role in filling in donor monitoring frameworks with a high degree of accuracy and contribute to writing the donor reports
  • Provide advice to Management and the Lead Data Analyst about any implementation challenges with collecting accurate and useful data on the monitoring framework and indicators for the EZCF grant
  • Carry out sample surveys and research to explore questions of relevance to EZCF grant reporting
  • Supervise rural enumerators and support them in data collection efforts
  • Help Good Nature Agro refine our data to monitor progress towards our goal as a “full farm partner” for farmers and our mission of “moving smallholder farmers from poverty into the middle class”

Application Process

  1. Please submit your CV and proof that you meet the essential requirements of this position
  2. Please include your transcript from your highest level of educational attainment (it’s optional to include Grade 12 examination results as well)
  3. Enclose a maximum four-page document in which you describe how you would approach the following assignment:

Design a monitoring strategy that allows Good Nature Agro, a legume seed company, to measure social impact and helps the company grow. Please describe the components of this strategy. Make sure to outline your data collection and analysis approach. Please don’t forget to explain your business considerations, methodological constraints, and any possible risks. Please do not exceed 4 pages. You can refer to GNA’s website for more detail on the company:

Good Nature Agro is a for-profit, socially conscious company that links 5,200 small-scale Zambian farmers to the lucrative and high-impact market of legume seeds under our brand, Good Nature Seeds. Every grower builds the long-term health of their land as they earn more selling to Good Nature.