Data Engineer

Together with data analysts, data scientists, and other data engineers, you will work on the data infrastructure, build data driven applications and set up ELT pipelines. For example, you will be working on setting up our customer-facing data services, our Kafka-based event-sourcing pipelines, productionize a machine learning algorithm for fraud detection and further improve on our state-of-the-art ELT pipelines. This work will be based on data infrastructure that is already set up and continuously improved. You will be working with a diverse and driven team that prioritizes impact over cutting-edge methods. As far as tooling is concerned, our stack consists of AWS, Singer, Snowflake, Airflow, DBT, and Metabase. We prefer programming in Python and Java. 

Minimal qualifications

• You are proficient in SQL 

• You are proficient in Java 

• You are passionate about global development and healthcare 

Preferred qualifications

• You have a cloud native mindset and have experience with Kubernetes 

• You are proficient in Python 

• You have experience with Spring Boot

• You have experience with frontend development (e.g., JavaScript, Angular) 

• You have experience with Data Warehousing, Airflow, AWS, Kafka, DBT 

• Security and GDPR are always part of your development cycle. 

• You have experience with developing solutions as part ofa team 

• You have experience with healthcare data 

• You have experience working in a highly competitive, international business environment  

What we offer

• The opportunity to work on projects with high social impact with a fun and motivated team 

• Startup culture with an international team

• Based in Amsterdam with travel opportunities  

• Competitive salary and flexible hours

CarePay has developed a mobile health benefit platform, named M-TIBA in Kenya, that has the potential to fundamentally change healthcare. We are a data-driven company operating in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and with headquarters located in Amsterdam. The platform digitally connects patients, health payers (e.g. insurers, governments) and healthcare providers to one platform. We believe that through mobile technology everyone can be connected to health insurance against very low marginal costs. Our platform enables people to access health insurance schemes and pay for healthcare efficiently and transparently via a user-friendly health wallet on their mobile phone. Using our digital platform leads to reduced costs, creates huge data value, and enhances transparency and accountability. So far, we have enrolled over 4.7 million people and have connected more than 3,000 healthcare providers. Since the start, CarePay has gained international traction. In 2017, CarePay won the FT/IFC Transformational Business Award and in 2018 CarePay was recognized as Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum. In 2019, CarePay won the Swiss Re Entrepreneurs for Resilience award. In 2020, CarePay was selected as one of the pioneering use cases of Europe’s GAIA-X cloud platform and has been listed together with Safaricom in Fortune’s Change the World top 10, alongside companies like Zoom and Alibaba.