Data Science Trainer

Job Description


Job Location: Ghana

Working Hours: 40 hours/week

Reports to: Head of Training Centre

Salary: Commensurate with qualification and experience


We require the services of a qualified and passionate individual who wants to make an impact on the digital landscape in Ghana. The incumbent will be required to facilitate the students in absorbing the course contents. The applicant must have strong knowledge of core computing concepts along with programming experience and software development.


  • Teach Graduate Trainees or any other group of trainees/students data science courses as required
  • Create a course outline that covers all the skills required to have a better understanding of how to tackle real-life problems
  • Apply new technologies to deliver courses and improve the learning experience for users
  • Continuous research and improvement of training curriculum and materials (appropriate analogies, real-world examples, projects, and case studies)
  • Improve skills of trainees by promoting teamwork, collaboration, and facilitating a problem-solving mindset
  • Spending contact time with students on an individual or group basis
  • Grading and tracking trainees learning progress
  • Report anything that needs to be modified in curriculum, classroom, or equipment to the Head of Training Centre
  • Conduct evaluation to find the areas of improvement or the ones that need attention
  • Facilitate a problem-solving mindset in trainees and employees.
  • Assist the recruitment department with recruitment by interviewing prospective candidates
  • Engaging in mentoring, coaching and the professional development of trainees and employees
  • Mentorship and pastoral care of trainees including skills gap analysis and goal setting.
  • Plan and implement a variety of learning engagements that promote inquiry, innovation and critical thinking.
  • Prepare teaching and learning materials such as summaries, videos, presentation slides, projects etc and use of effective training tools and strategies.
  • Provide learning experiences that promote inclusion and diversity to accommodate a range of abilities and learning styles.
  • Contribute to collaborative planning with other trainers in developing the training programme
  • Use a range of monitoring and assessment strategies to authentically assess, record, track and report on the progress of trainees.
  • Develop learning environments that are inviting, nurturing and have interactive spaces including the use of technology to enhance learning.
  • Communicate necessary programme information to all stakeholders.
  • Display and model professionalism, time management and organisation skills.
  • Participate actively in appraisals and professional development processes as a member of AmaliTech’s professional learning community.
  • Work to stay abreast of current trends and best practices in the teaching and learning of assigned courses. 
  • Perform other responsibilities that will be assigned to you as and when the situation demands


  • Minimum Bachelor's Degree or higher in Mathematics or Statistics or a closely related field.
  • Deep knowledge of the core concepts like single and multi-variable calculus, vectors and matrices, algebra and calculus and related topics is a must.
  • Excellent understanding of probability and statistics.
  • Minimum of two years of post-graduate professional experience, preferably in a similar role
  • Familiarity with STATA or SPSS would be advantageous.
  • Good grasps of concepts like sequences, limits, infinite series, the chain rule, and ordinary or multiple integrals.
  • Understanding of Python and/or R for data analysis is highly desirable
  • Familiarity with regression analysis and AB testing would be desirable
  • Share in the core values (Excellence, Passion, Diversity, Collaboration and Integrity) and vision of AmaliTech.

Additional Information

How To Apply

Interested and qualified applicants should click "I'm Interested" below and follow the instructions to apply. 

Deadline for receiving applications is at 17:00GMT, on Friday, January 15, 2021.

What To Expect

Working with AmaliTech provides an excellent opportunity for career growth and development in a healthy and diverse work environment. Our talented and welcoming team will ensure you feel part of our family to get you engaged on the job. 

AmaliTech is a social business empowering the next generation of technology leaders in sub-Saharan Africa that reinvests its surplus in further training, network growth and local community support on the ground. As a global talent accelerator, AmaliTech provides free IT training courses to skilled youth in regions of great need. We offer employment pathways into the digital sector, accompanying young tech talents from recruitment to employment. Our training academies give local youth the necessary digital skills for employment. Subsequently, successful Graduate Trainees are empowered to apply their acquired skills in the local and international job market. AmaliTech Training Academy Limited Ghana has been in full operations since May 2019.