Devops Engineer

Being a DevOps Engineer at invyad, you will be responsible for automating all the infrastructure and addressing all the operational needs of the development teams. You will be closely working across multiple teams and enable the systems to have 99.999% uptime. You will prepare the company to scale seamlessly and cater to millions of merchants.

About the role

  • Help multiple teams to design, automate, maintain and monitor our environments and supporting infrastructure, applications and continuous integration
  • Build necessary deployment pipelines that are proactive and not reactive
  • Infrastructure automation through DevOps scripting
  • Experimenting and innovating continuously to optimize the infrastructure in terms of uptime, availability, latency and costs
  • Work with the frontend and backend engineering teams to “automate everything”
  • Work with QA teams to improve the efficiency of automation runs by exploring innovative approaches like parallelization / auto-scaling etc
  • Work with performance optimization and security teams to continuously improve and fine tune the infrastructure.

What we are looking for

  • You have contributed to “always-on” servers, services, agents, or APIs using tools and languages like, Java, Python, JavaScript (NodeJS) or Ruby. We only use some of these, but experience in any one of them is enough.
  • You have technical curiosity and are ready to help across the team and learn new skills.
  • You have a strong bias for automation and taking the time to think about the right way to solve a problem versus quick fixes or band-aids.
  • Expertise in one or more cloud platforms (Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure)
  • Experience using build and deployment tools such as Jenkins, Docker, and Terraform.
  • Ability to program/script is essential. Experience working in Linux environment is a must
  • Experience in building data pipelines in AWS environment and good knowledge of different database types like Big data, RDBMS and NoSQL (MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, Riak, etc)
  • Hands-on experience and ability to design/implement infrastructure with AWS services like Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, RDS, SNS, SES, ELB, ECS, Lambda, API Gateway, Route53 S3, Cloud NAT, Monitoring & Logging
  • Hands-on experience of EKS or GKE or AKS, Container Registry, Pub/Sub is an advantage.
  • Programming applications to be optimized to work within constructs of a AWS public cloud environment.
  • Developing templates or scripts to automate everyday developer or operations functions.
  • Monitor and maintain multiple CI/CD pipeline automation (DevOps) environments based on client requirements.
  • Setting up or managing backups and patching across the environments.

We’d also love to see

  • Participation in interactions/meetings is desirable.
  • Good understanding of Microservices architecture
  • Experience with distributed systems and related technologies
  • Experience with scaling data store technologies is a plus
  • Experience with creating multi-tenant and self hosted environments is a plus
invyad is a mobile Point of Sale (POS) technology company based in Casablanca, Morocco. We provide mobile apps that empower small and medium businesses, helping them sell, run and grow their activities.