DevOps Engineer

Job Purpose

As a DevOps engineer at rain, you will be tasked with building and deploying highly available, scalable and secure software platforms and toolsets that will significantly improve rain’s overall end user experience, as well as further improving on existing systems.

You will be expected to use your knowledge of programming techniques, languages, algorithms, frameworks to ensure that software development requirements, key performance indicators and service level agreements are met and constantly improved on.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Building and deploying scalable, secure and reliable software platforms.
  • Ensuring that existing / previously deployed projects are maintained and constantly improved upon.
  • Working closely with the end user to understand possible new requirements or features to further improve processes.
  • Ensuring that general DevOps functions and ideologies, such as observability, documentation, automation and failure are always considered during your development lifecycle.

Attributes and Technical Requirements

  • Development ideologies and skills such as:




-Development Lifecycles

-Release Management

  • Automation and scripting skills in:




  • Software Development skills in Languages such as :




  • Comfort using API frameworks such as:

-Spring Boot (Java)

-Quarkus (Java)

-Flask (Python)

-FastAPI (Python)

  • Experience with cloud environments such as:





  • Containerization and Container Orchestration toolsets (Docker, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm)
  • Database / SQL Skills (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo)

Preferred Qualifications

  • 3 years’ experience in software development and design
  • Any relevant software engineering qualification or certifications
  • Experience in software engineering.

Public cloud qualifications, such as AWS Solutions Architect

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