DevOps Engineer

Job Description

  • Interact with team members to improve our engineers' tools, technology stack, and system integration and stability.
  • Establish, design, perform and execute comprehensive technical DevOps tooling deployments to facilitate CI/CD.
  • Analyze, organize, and provide in-depth reviews for our SW deployments and integration to improve our SW development cycle and dynamically ensure the timely completion of projects.
  • Troubleshoot production issues to address technical commitments and boost sustainability.

Job Requirements

  • Proficiency in Kubernetes and maintaining scalability
  • Proficiency in deploying and maintaining CI/CD platforms.
  • Ability to construct and execute network, server, and application status monitoring
  • Knowledge of software automation production systems, including code deployment
  • Working knowledge of software packages deployments methodologies and tooling.
  • Experience with high-performance and high-availability open source technologies.
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