Full Stack Developer

We’re looking for a Full Stack Developer to join the Wonderlabz gaming software company. Should be a talented individual with a passion for software development and a strong drive for self-improvement.

You will be a member of an agile development team working on innovative gaming solutions.

You can expect to be solving interesting problems together with your colleagues, developing these solutions and working with testers and product owners to make sure we’re delivering fantastic features to our customers!


Candidates should have a preference towards working in teams in an agile environment. We are looking for an individual that has extensive experience in a wide range of technologies in the software development field, with a strong focus on responsive desktop and mobile web applications with a financial backend. Besides the technical know-how, it’s very welcomed if you’re:

A dependable person, who delivers consistent quality.A curious person who learns and improves their professional skills.A lateral thinker, who can solve problems using creative reasoning.A team collaborator who is able to take part in productive and respectful discussions with their colleagues.

Our clients and our employees, are our partners. We have built a strong legacy on our collective expertise. Together, we push the boundaries of gaming design and development, aiming at all times to provide advanced solutions to complex operational challenges. We specialize in servicing and solving complex operational challenges for large online gaming clients. At our core, we are expert problem-solvers and we work hard to deliver gaming software of the highest quality, every time, for every client. Our team doesn’t just do work, they create magic. At Wonderlabz innovation meets creativity.