Full Stack Developer

About the role

Plentify is in the process of rapidly scaling and launching many exciting new features, and is looking for a Full stack Developer to assist with developing scalable backend and frontend features and applications.

As a Full Stack Developer, you’ll be part of a cross-functional team driving the full software lifecycle, from concept to development. You share our obsession with delivering the best user experience, and are comfortable with front and backend coding languages, development frameworks and third-party libraries. 

Remuneration will be commensurate with experience, and may include equity in Plentify. This role can be based anywhere in the world (including our office in Cape Town), as long as your working hours overlap sufficiently with South Africa’s. Plentify also offers several exciting benefits like unlimited vacation.

Required qualifications and skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant technical field such as Computer Science
  • Knack for visual design, with a focus on driving the best user experience
  • Very high attention to detail, structured and creative problem solver, and strong communicator
  • 4+ years of software development experience

Required software development experience

  • Familiar with modern JavaScript frameworks such as Vue or React
  • Proficient with front end languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Building web applications
  • Building mobile applications
  • Experience with cloud platforms
  • Experience with relational databases
  • Experience writing unit tests

Nice to have or willing to learn

  • Experience with Rails
  • Experience with Ruby and Python
  • Working with a version control framework like Git
  • Experience with Heroku and AWS
  • Experience with test driven development
Plentify is a smart energy company that makes affordable, reliable and clean electricity a reality for everyone. Our team fuses advanced hardware, artificial intelligence and user-centric design to create smart home products that delight our customers and strengthen electricity systems for everyone. Plentify is based in South Africa and the United States, and our well-rounded team of energy, data science, hardware, software and business experts serve customers from all around the world. Plentify was born out of need. Plentify’s founders grew up in South Africa, and in 2008, rolling blackouts began. The country’s energy system continued to deteriorate almost as fast as tariffs rose, making its power supply increasingly unreliable and unaffordable – as it stands today. South Africa’s situation is not unique. Electricity grids around the globe are under immense pressure as rapid urbanisation and climate change strain them in new ways, and renewable energy solutions struggle to integrate into existing systems. It’s clear that utilities worldwide need to adapt to a quickly and dramatically-changing future. Having experienced the impact of these changes first-hand, the Plentify team banded together to tackle pressing energy challenges through their unique mix of skills. We firmly believe that a smarter, cleaner and cheaper energy system is key to enabling societal and planetary resilience.