Full Stack Developer

About us

Invictus Capital is a global leader in alternative investments and developed the first tokenized cryptocurrency index fund in 2017. Invictus has grown to a team of over 35 and has continued to pioneer in that space. We have developed a world-class real-time, 24/7 investment platform supported by over 15,000 investors from 150 countries. We also have a dedicated team of quantitative financial specialists working on automated trading strategies using advanced machine learning and other data techniques. 

Invictus Capital’s Quant desk trading team is responsible for:

  • Development and maintenance of Invictus capital’s proprietary trading framework
  • The maintenance and development of data-driven algorithms 
  • The development of proprietary trading and hedging algorithms in the cryptocurrency space
  • Putting the trading algorithms in production so that they run in a scalable and robust manner

We are looking for a full-stack developer to develop, deploy and maintain the systems we’ve built. Currently, the focus will be on rewriting the front-end components but you will be working on the backend as well. Ideally, you are a developer with at least 2 years of technical experience and an affinity for (cryptocurrency) trading and finance.

Technical job description

You have at least 2 years of software engineering experience both backend and front-end. We are flexible with the technologies to use but we prefer the following:

  • Front-end: React.js, Vue.js, typescript
  • Back-end: Python, Java, Golang
  • Infrastructure: GCP, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Docker 

You must be familiar with best practices in terms of effective state management with redux, react hooks, functional components, sass and css. You will ensure that these components and the overall application are robust and easy to maintain. Reusability and maintainability are critical.

For the back-end component of the work we are looking for someone who has worked with a microservices paradigm and has implemented some basic functionality and is familiar with Python libraries like asyncio or equivalent. 

You will also need to have a comprehensive understanding of the normal software engineer tools like git, atlassian stack (or equivalent) as well as some understanding of devops and continuous integration. Additional bonus points if you have set up production servers yourself, or have created some cool projects on your own.

You are a self-starter with a keen eye for detail, work well under pressure, and can deliver superb engineering content to a diverse team of data scientists and engineers.

Invictus Capital offers alternative investment products for the modern investor. We believe investing should be convenient, transparent and low-cost.