Full Stack JavaScript Engineer

As one of the first technical hires outside of the two co-founders, this role is as close to being a founder of a company as you can get without starting one yourself! Your role will be to define and deliver features, fully own parts of the stack, and ultimately do whatever is necessary to make the customers happy. If you enjoy taking responsibility, have lots of ideas for improving product & process, and have thought about starting a company yourself, this role could be for you!

You may work in-person or remotely until end of COVID. We do provide relocation assitance. As a founding engineer, you will receive substantial equity compensation, but should expect cash compensation to be below market rates.


  • Have experience writing and shipping production-grade code that makes a real impact. We don't mind where you got the experience, but having some is crucial.
  • Be comfortable working across the stack and be curious about new technologies. We would prefer if in addition to this versatility and curiosity, you have deep experience or specialization in one of front-end, back-end, infrastructure or Blockchain technology.
  • Be entrepreneurial. This means finding problems without being told about them, thinking independently about issues and clearly advocating your position, and taking full ownership of your work, even if things go wrong.
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