Fullstack Engineer

(all remote and you may work from anywhere in the world)

DoubleGDP aims to create better places in the world to live, work, and play by building an end-to-end platform to connect cities and their constituents. For new cities and property developers we help attract great residents, run municipal services efficiently, improve services over time, enable trust and reduce corruption, and adopt best practices from others. For their residents we provide convenient ways to access city services, manage taxes and payments, obtain permits for businesses, events, or development, and share feedback with administrators. We believe that an integrated SaaS platform will provide the cornerstone for modern cities to grow rapidly, adapt quickly to changing needs, and be cost-effective and accountable in their delivery of excellent service. We also believe that the best way for us to deliver on this vision is through an all-remote company that empowers employees and customers through its values of results, transparency, and diversity. More about us is available at https://doublegdp.com.

We are looking for programmers with strong experience in Ruby and React. To succeed as a Full Stack Engineer, you should be to develop and design front end web architecture, ensure the responsiveness of applications and work alongside other engineers, product managers, and usability designers for web design features, among other duties. You should be knowledgeable, collaborative, and motivated.


  • Compile and analyze data, processes, and codes to troubleshoot problems and identify areas for improvement.
  • Collaborate with team members to establish objectives and design more scalable, cohesive code to enhance the user experience.
  • Develop back end website applications.
  • Design and develop APIs.
  • Develop front end website architecture.
  • Design user interactions on web pages.
  • Work alongside production managers and designers for web features.
  • See a project through from conception to completion.
  • Participate in continuing education and training to remain current on best practices, learn new programming languages, and better assist other team members.
  • Write tests and set code standards
  • Manage our tech stack, based on Ruby/Rails, Javascript/React, Postgres, Redis, and Heroku


  • 5+ years of work experience as a software engineer
  • Experience building and deploying high-capacity applications in cloud environments (AWS or Heroku)
  • Expert Level of Ruby and ReactJs
  • Experience in Designing pluggable Architecture and Modular system is preferred
  • Experience in Architecting Scalable API is preferred
  • Experience with SQL, Postgres, Redis, Elasticsearch and or Redshift, CodeBuild & CodeDeploy, Lambda, S3, API Gateway, Unix command-line navigation, Git / Github
  • Focus on efficiency, user experience, and process improvement.
  • Ability to work well with geographically distributed teams as well as highly collaborative environments.
  • Strong problem solving, verbal and written communication skills, and comfort with ambiguity.
  • Believer in Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration

Note: our company is all remote and you may work anywhere in the world while doing this job. 

An end-to-end platform for builders and residents of new cities and mixed-use developments