Growth Product Marketer

About Eyowo Integrated Payments Limited

In a country with over 200 million people, only about 45 million people have access to formal financial services. We believe that everyone with a phone number should have access to modern financial services, a fundamental concept known as inclusion. We notice its absence, understand its essence, and our efforts are in ensuring its presence in every corner of Nigeria.

We have built Eyowo specifically for;

  1. Consumers - Eyowo provides simple, modern, and reliable financial services to anyone with a phone number. With Eyowo, you can spend, send, receive, save, and borrow money with just your phone number.
  2. Entrepreneurs (Eyowo Business) - Eyowo Business empowers businesses with the tools required for financial success. The suite of tools helps businesses manage their sales and purchases, invoicing, payroll, general payments, tax records, savings, and international payments.
  3. Engineers/ Enablers (Financial Services Toolkit) - The Eyowo financial services toolkit provides developers with the technology and regulatory infrastructure required to integrate and innovate fintech products at the speed of light. 

To achieve its vision, Eyowo is in compliance with statutory and licensing requirements from regulators including obtaining a banking license (MFB), a PSSP license, and a PTSP license (AIP in view) in addition to multiple security compliances and integrations.

Eyowo is a product company of Softcom, a company focused on inclusive human growth. An objective intended to be achieved by connecting people and organizations with meaningful innovation.

As a proud partner of potential, Softcom focuses on innovating around unchanging human needs in the areas of:

  • Identity: Identifying anyone
  • Payment: Democratising financial services for all
  • Learning: Knowledge and capacity building at scale
  • Data: Insights for decision making

Job Profile

We are looking for a Growth Product Marketer to lead our outbound marketing activities. You’ll be responsible for presenting our products in ways that will strengthen our brand and boost sales.

For this role, you are a creative and quantitative thinker. You should be familiar with various product marketing techniques, like email campaigns and pricing strategies.

Your goal will be to develop and implement the most profitable plans to position and promote our products.

As a Growth Product Marketer, your job responsibilities will include the following; 

  • Translate technical details into benefits for the user
  • Follow and analyze market trends to position products
  • Develop product marketing strategies (pricing, advertising, product launching)
  • Craft compelling messages across marketing channels (landing pages, ad campaigns)
  • Work with various teams (design, content, acquisition, product, sales) to implement strategies
  • Test marketing product features, releases and ad copy in collaboration with the marketing and product teams
  • Evaluate projects using relevant KPIs and feedback from existing and prospective customers
  • Do a deep dive on our products for thorough understandings

You’ll be a good fit for this position if you have;

  • You have proven experience as a Product Marketing Manager, Brand Manager or similar role
  • A background in design and copywriting is a plus
  • Experience in market analysis
  • Experience with product marketing tactics (e.g. integrated marketing campaigns)
  • Working knowledge of web analytics tools (Google Analytics, WebTrends)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A keen eye for detail
  • Creativity
  • Analytical mind and strong quantitative skills
  • BSc/BA in Marketing, Communications or similar field
Softcom is a leading tech solutions company based in Lagos, Nigeria. We are a group of professionals whose overarching goal is to add value to our clients and communities. Established in 2007 with a resolve to support organizations in their quest for impact and growth using technology, we transform companies by building several technologies, giving organizations clear roadmaps to achieve business objectives, automate operations, and becoming more visible in an ever-expanding internet-driven world. We develop products that impact people and organizations in Africa while maintaining a global scope. We partner up on some of the most impactful technology-related projects on the continent, and our solutions continue to impact the lives of over 500,000 people. With industry expertise across sectors from Education and Energy to Telecommunications and Financial Services, we deliver transformational value to businesses and enable social impact.