Head of Operations


The head of operations overseas trips execution from end to end:

  • Acquisition of customers.
  • Continued and growth of allocations from customers.
  • Successful loading, tripping and execution on their accounts.
  • Waybill collection and submission to the waybill team.
  • Following up on invoice payment with support of commercial director


  • 10X growth of demand from both existing and new customers.
  • 95% of trips from customers are loaded through ensuring coordinated supply.
  • ¬†Successful management of Operations managers who support in trip execution.
  • Ensuring that your Ops coordinator has input all the right data and shared with relevant teams.
  • That you have field officers 100% of the time there is loading at your loading locations.
  • 100% of waybills from your business are submitted to the waybill team.
  • 100% of payment requests made on time by your team.
  • At any one time you are aware of your trip updates.
  • ¬†Management of customers and transporters to ensure continued satisfaction.


  • Bachelor's degree in Business, Computer Science, or a related field.
  • Experience as a Head of Operations or in a similar role of a minimum 5 years.
  • Knowledge of business functions.
  • Solid knowledge of data analytics.
  • Strong mathematical literacy.
  • Excellent organizational and leadership qualities.
  • A strategic thinker.
Kobo360, is a privately owned, pan-african technology company disrupting and leading African third-party logistics industry. Through an all-in-one robust platform that instantly connects cargo owners to trucks and drivers, Kobo uses big data and agile technology to reduce friction and scale efficiency in the African logistics ecosystem. The company has designed effective solutions for the challenges in the logistics space by connecting asset owners in the industry with the MSMEs that need their services. Kobo is also preparing to enter the agro-trading space by developing a marketplace that connects farmers with buyers all over the world. The marketplace will effectively eliminate the high cost of middlemen for smallholder farmers and significantly increase their profits.