Head of Product

OkHi is a smart addressing system, enabling 4 billion people to “be included”.

We’re solving a problem affecting half of the world and costing businesses $200bn a year.

Backed by Google and Facebook, we’re a team with Silicon Valley expertise, strong values and a pioneering culture.

We’ve recently raised $3M to prove how smart addressing should work, starting in Nigeria and then scaling to every other emerging market in the world.

We need you! 

OkHi is solving a global problem. We are growing fast in Nigeria and plan to scale internationally in 2022. This creates an exciting and fulfilling opportunity for a Head of Product to drive the product vision and launch products internationally that our users truly love.

You are…

  • A Head of Product or Chief Product Officer with at least 8 years of product management leadership, including with a fast growing startup
  • Visionary with OkHi’s products and communicate this to everyone
  • Strategic with your roadmap and resource planning 
  • User focused in your prioritisation to ensure you build products users love
  • Research oriented ensuring you truly understand what our users need
  • Data driven in your decision making through asking the right questions
  • A skilled communicator who strives for proactive and open dialogue
  • Technical enough that you can confidently challenge your engineers
  • A problem solver who never settles with the status quo
  • Entrepreneurial in taking risks and doing whatever it takes to get things done
  • A coach who is energised by managing and growing your team 
  • Self-organised so can handle that there’s always too much to do
  • Detail orientated to ensure nothing slips through the cracks
  • Motivated by growth, both for your own career as well the team around you

You will...

  • Drive OkHi’s product vision to ensure everyone is excited about the future that we’re enabling with OkHi
  • Communicate our roadmap to our internal team, iterating on it with insights from users, customers and data
  • Learn from our users by analysing the quantative and qualatative insights and using them to make recommendations and decisions on future product launches
  • Build and launch products that have clear hypotheses that test the impact on the user and business
  • Measure the impact of our products, using both quantitative and qualitative methods to gain insights
  • Improve our processes through constant iteration of our product development cycle to ensure products are being launched on time
  • Manage the product team to maximise the happiness and productivity of the product managers and designers who report to you

We are...

  • Purpose driven about our mission - to enable the 4 billion people without a physical address to “be included”
  • Guided by our company values which support us in our daily decision making
  • Excited to work with diverse people to acceleate the growth of the business
  • Backed by world class investors including Google, the co-founder of AirBnb Nate Blecharczyk, and ex-CFO of Google Patrick Pichette

Other Requirements

  • We operate remotely but need you to be working within +/- 3 hours from West Africa Time
  • You have previous experience living and working in Nigeria
OkHi is building the next generation address system for Kenya and beyond.