Information Security Lead

Are you looking for an opportunity to use your skills to make a change in the world? Do you want to work in a team of global pioneers, keeping all of Triggerise information Data and IT systems safe? We have an open position for an IT Security Lead.

The Company

We are a global not-for-profit company that triggers change. Our international team works around the world and gets its drive from the common cause of having a better tomorrow. In addition to offices in the Netherlands, Portugal, India, Kenya, and Ethiopia, many of our team members are working remotely and on-the-ground. The diversity of the Triggerise community enables us to impact each of our more than million members – and we’re only getting started! We are growing fast and look forward to meeting like-minded and talented prospective team members with the same desire to create impact.

All Triggerise teams around the globe are groups of pioneers on a mission to get things done and do them well. We’re united by the drive to create a better world with developmental and positive ways. You’ll be in daily contact with people from all over the world who share the same drive to trigger a change.

The Job

The Information Security Lead is responsible for keeping all of Triggerise data as well as IT systems safe.

  • You develop and mitigation measures to avoid any risks when it comes to Data, and our systems.
  • You ensure that Triggerise data and systems are safe now, and into the future, through designing and implementing a strategy.
  • You develop data and access policies, controls, and standard operating procedures that balance ease of use with information protection.
  • You coordinate the handling of incidents of data leaks or information security breaches. You make sure the breaches are closed as soon as possible and coordinate the damage control and reporting afterwards.

About you

You are open to exploring new things and interacting with people from all over the world. You have the confidence to proactively deal with challenges when you encounter them and improve our product as you go along.


  • You understand and have previous experience ensuring that data compliance is met internationally and locally.
  • You have an depth understanding of IT and Internet Data security
  • Good teamwork and communication skills
  • A pragmatic approach to problem-solving
  • Fluency in English

The rewards

In return for your hard work and dedication, we offer you:

  • A competitive salary and good secondary benefits
  • A personal development budget
  • Unlimited holidays, if you can make it work with your team you’re good to go
  • Growth opportunities
  • A product to help shape as we grow, to leave your mark on how we do things
  • A vision that we trust that you will do your job without us having to invent unnecessary rules and regulations.
Triggerise is a tech-powered, Netherlands-based non-profit operational in 10 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and India. We motivate our users - primarily young women and adolescent girls - to make positive health choices. We use nudges like reminders, discounts, in person and digital follow-ups, and reward points to encourage our users to access and use health products and services. We also support them in becoming entrepreneurs and adding value to their economies. What are nudges? Nudges might include discounts, digital or in-person conversations, follow-ups, reminders, or rewards points that users can redeem in local stores. We also give our users the power to rate their experiences, which provides credibility and allows us to personalise offers. The result? A relevant journey for the user, created around her needs, which simultaneously strengthens local economies How? Using the Triggerise platform. We are a digital platform. Imagine Netflix. But instead of films and tv shows, we aggregate another kind of content - sexual reproductive health solutions - which we provide for people in developing countries and emerging markets. The goal? Motivating healthy behaviour. Our platform includes two kinds of infrastructure: 1) Technology: The websites, apps, SMS, and membership cards that people use to engage with our platform; and 2) Partnerships: Service providers, entrepreneurs, content creators, retailers, wholesalers, and product distributors support us in providing key offerings. The platform reaches all potential users regardless of technology access, proficiency, or even literacy.