Junior Graphic Designer

We are searching for a team player that is a true creative and has great design skills. You know how to convert client messages into something that not only has high visual impact, but it’s creative and will meet the client’s objectives. You are smart, a real go-getter, someone who is more than willing to apply themselves, learn new platforms and go the extra mile. If you want to rise to the challenge, prove yourself as an absolute creative, can show us you are coach-able and understand the fundamentals of design, then we certainly want you on our team!


  1. You will create social media & blog designs as well as landing pages for both the client and SnappSales
  2. You will need to brainstorm with the rest of the team for any graphic design created for our clients
  3. You are a young professional and enjoy a good challenge
  4. You will need to have access to design platforms like Adobe, Ndesign, etc.
  5. You will need to know the fundamentals behind web layout and development
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