Marketing Manager

We are designing a new mobility app specifically for the millions of people who rely entirely on public transport, and in particular flexible, organic, non-timetabled modes of transport that typically make up 80% of the commuter journeys taken in these cities. We are looking for a marketing manager to join our team, based in Mexico, who are focussed on getting the product into the hands of those who will benefit from it. In doing so, you will also build on our relationships and extend the reach of our network and potential partners.

The role

Marketing and User Acquisition

Develop and implement the local marketing strategy for the product, integrating online and offline marketing. Work with the design team to create storyboards and carry the voice and key branding throughout all elements. Lead the marketing team through the concept phase to implementation while constantly measuring all elements and optimising. Work closely with the product team in sharing learnings and the direction of the acquisition needed to reach company goals. Take responsibility for tracking and delivering all acquisition targets and KPIs. Build and maintain the local brand presence.

Partnerships and Relationships

Source and build relationships with brand partners who we will work with to reach our target market. Build and retrain strong contacts in local public relations, press and media contacts to build brand recognition. Represent the brand among relevant communities within the acquisition and product space.

Experience and skills

  • Clear track record in marketing mass consumer applications in emerging markets
  • 10+ years of experience with digital and field marketing
  • Demonstrable ability in sourcing partners and building relationships
  • English and Spanish speaker
  • Has the skills to manage digital campaigns without agencies
  • Experience with team management and growth

About You

  • You are bright, energetic, organised and hard working, with a high level of professional intelligence. Which means you don’t need constant instruction to make things happen, and you’re not afraid to own the results.
  • You are looking to be a part of something new and bring creative ideas and problem solving to the table. You are able to take those creative ideas and build them into actionable plans.
  • You are results orientated and know how to work to achieve your targets and have a clear understanding of how this impacts on the overall business goals.
  • You work well in a team who is focused on moving forward and will do what it takes to get the job done.
  • Lastly, it’ll help us - and you’ll be happier and more successful - if you also have an interest in urban issues and public transport, and you get a buzz out of making the world a better place.

About Us

We are tackling fundamental urban development issues in emerging markets in order to build the definitive digital solution for sustainable urban mobility.

Our data and technology unlocks information - it makes the invisible visible - and, by getting the right information to the right people at the right time, in a format they love, we are making public transport more accessible, more predictable, easier to navigate, and safer to use for everyone, everywhere.

To be successful, our team of people - around the world - must be as diverse as the populations that use our data and technology to improve their lives, and as inclusive as the solutions we develop for them. We celebrate differences - race, ethnicity, social background, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation and national origin. This is how we grow…

Empowering People Everywhere To Get Where They Need To Go. In the Majority World, mobility remains a critical stumbling block for billions of people living without reliable access to public transport services and lacking the basic freedom of movement they need to improve their situation. At WhereIsMyTransport, we’re working hard to change that - using data and technology to develop solutions for sustainable urban mobility. We are the de facto source of mobility data for the world’s largest low- and middle-income cities. In a single city, tens of thousands of vehicles can transport hundreds of thousands of people every day, with little or no information on operations. Until now. We have mapped more of these cities than any other organisation, using local teams and new technology to make the invisible visible. By getting the right information to the right people at the right time, we are making public transport more accessible, more predictable, easier to navigate, and safer to use for everyone, everywhere.