Operations Manager

Responsible for:

Develop a framework across departments to ensure an harmony between effective remote working environment balanced with our Nairobi and Serbia physical teams

Collaborate with various function to support the creation of workflows, processes and implement and oversee effective performance management, whilst ensuring the thriving of the Lami culture

Develop and track key metrics and data to monitor and ensure the effectiveness of the internal operations (including sales operations)

The key objectives for this position are:

Establish and improve multi-departmental workflows

Set up a framework for key performance indicators and quarterly objectives and establish standardizes reporting by creating dashboards for various internal users

Support the development of sales processes for B2b and B2C and provide analytical support for sales initiatives

Our vision is to democratise financial products and services, helping improve the lives of millions. We have empowered our partners with an innovative technology platform that enables the distribution, servicing, and exceptional growth of sophisticated financial products for very large customer bases. Based in Nairobi, Kenya we are the market leader in the digital insurance space with our platform powering a comprehensive suite of very successful consumer applications. We deliver everything our partners need to build and distribute their products, creating immediate gains that strengthen market position and customer value. We continually invest in design and technology, creating unmatched product experiences.