Product Manager

Stitch is a developer-first API startup with a mission to deeply connect financial systems with the wider world. We provide an API which allows third-party apps and websites to interact with their user's bank accounts in ways that unlocks the ability for companies across Africa to build innovative technology products quickly.

Creating innovative financial products is incredibly difficult today, and we believe that unlocking the way people interact with their finances starts with enabling developers with the tools and infrastructure needed to execute on their vision.

So far, Stitch's offering has been engineering-led: we've spent the last 24 months developing a feature-rich codebase across our three products: Identity & Accounts, Transactions & Balances, and Payments+.

As a Product Manager, you'll be responsible for helping to define and manage the products which will enable Stitch and our customers to shape the future of financial services. You'll work with our customers, clients, and users to understand their needs, prioritise and roadmap key features, and deliver the best possible outcomes.

You will help define product specifications and requests for change, assist with sprint planning, manage roadmaps, and prioritise development capacity. You will be one of the key voices in the room on product strategy, and ensure that plans are in place from ideation to design to go-to-market.

The ideal candidate has managed technical products at scale, has communicated complex concepts to broad audiences, and has the flexibility and breadth to plug in on product UX and design, marketing, and engineering planning.


  • Engage with customers to understand product painpoints and opportunities
  • Collect feedback from internal and external stakeholders to advocate for new features that will help us build the best products for our customers
  • Work closely with the various teams to align roadmaps, dependencies and features
  • Act as an evangelist of all product areas to build awareness within the organisation
  • Have an eye and ear for product ideation and testing, including low-cost, fail-fast prototyping, and constantly question whether 'there's a better product' to be born
  • Be constantly proactive in understanding product and customer trends, suggesting new features & optimisations
  • Define and build innovative & robust product processes to support the continued evolution of our products
  • Be the defender of knowledge & process management of your products, managing our internal product directory & wiki
  • Deliver customer value iteratively by managing products through various launch phases and follow-on releases


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent working experience
  • 2 - 4 years in a product role, most recently as a senior product manager
  • Leadership and organizational management experience
  • A track record of success in financial technology or a related technology start-up
  • Has built APIs, products, and complex systems at scale
  • Top-tier technical acumen, curiosity, and familiarity with new technologies, APIs, Developer Experiences and databases


  • Strong network and content knowledge in the local Fintech or Banking space
  • Strong knowledge of customers and customer needs in various key markets - including South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana
  • Experience in working in B2B SaaS, API or Payments companies
  • Strong understanding of developers and what makes a good developer experience
  • Experience developing APIs
  • Experience working on B2B2C products, or experience with both developing products for developers and developing products for end-users


🎨 Equity

We see this role as being critical to our leadership team, and as such will be looking to compensate the individual with equity appropriately. We want to ensure that you feel as if you own a part of this company, as your work will drive the fabric of the business.

🏖 HQ and Remote Work

Stitch HQ is in Cape Town, South Africa. Remote team members will have the opportunity to visit our beautiful city regularly. We work both in-person and remotely. lunches every day! 🍜 With friends, family, pets - everyone's invited!

🔥 Culture & Values

Stitch has a culture that emphasizes sustainable processes, kindness, and work-life balance. We value diversity in all its forms and believe that a broad range of lived experiences makes our team and product stronger. This is especially important to us as our leadership team includes diverse racial backgrounds and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

⛽ Our Investors

Stitch is a well-funded venture-backed startup. Our network of global investors include the co-founders of Venmo, Klarna and Flutterwave, and founding team members from Plaid and Revolut. Our network of investor funds include firstminute capital, Raba Partnership, CRE and Village Global, bringing backing from LPs such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt and Jeff Bezos.

This funding gives us the capital to make sure that all employees are empowered to do their jobs, and incorporates industry veterans who will help us grow and operate a multinational fintech startup.

👩🏾‍💻 Developers!

We care deeply about developer experience and aim to provide tools and systems that software engineers will rave about. The team has collectively had a great deal of experience building fintech and developer-facing products in Africa and other emerging markets.

The building blocks for a new wave of African fintech. Stitch provides API access to financial accounts so you can build better fintech faster.