Quality Engineer

As a Quality Engineer at SnapScan, you will lead the testing efforts for two lean, agile

engineering teams. The teams are working on highly-available, resilient systems that

more than 1 million users and 60,000 merchants across the country have come to

depend on daily.

As a QE you will be responsible for planning and implementing strategies for quality

management and testing. SnapScan is in a high growth phase and it is of the utmost

importance that we maintain the faith placed in us by our user and merchant bases by

releasing safe, secure, and easy-to-use applications.

You will be an enabler for the teams you work with and will, ultimately, be responsible

for delivering stuff that works. We value a get-things-done approach. You will have

autonomy to choose and implement tools and frameworks that best allow you to

solve the problems at hand.

What You’ll Do

● Work with the Product Manager, Tech Lead and Team Leads to break down

epics and stories into testable items, and perform risk analysis

● Work closely with the CTO and Team Leads to draw up and evolve testing

strategies across the company

● Perform exploratory testing on our products to discover bugs, design flaws and

potential improvements.

● Collaborate with Product to ensure that project execution is consistent

● Coach team members in testing methodologies

● Automate testing wherever possible

● Create test plans where automation is not possible

● Review UI/UX with Design to ensure consistency and ease-of-use

● Perform data collection & analysis on efficacy of quality management

Our Culture

We value openness, psychological-safety and proactiveness. You will have plenty of

opportunity to learn and grow with us.

We have always maintained that having fewer, highly skilled and invested engineers

delivers stronger results than would be delivered by bigger teams. You will join a

small, highly-leveraged technical team that has buy-in and autonomy to solve

problems using whatever tools and methodologies are fit for purpose.

Our Testing Stack

Our testing focus is still in its infancy. Our stack at the moment is:

● AppCenter for internal Android, Huawei & iOS builds

● TestFlight for production/beta iOS builds

● Staging and QA environments for admin & portal interfaces

● BrowserStack for cross-browser testing

● TestObject for native testing

● Unit tests through rspec, mocha & jasmine - automated on CircleCI

In 2013, SnapScan launched one of the first mobile payment apps in South Africa. By combining our ingenuity with Standard Bank's impressive financial infrastructure and expertise, SnapScan has been changing the way South Africans pay and get paid - one snap at a time. Our team of passionate problem solvers continues to find faster, easier, and safer ways to transact without the fuss of handling cash or cards. We seek to ensure that people save time and have the best payment experience possible. We strive to remove unnecessary barriers, complex fee structures, and time-consuming admin to provide an innovative and streamlined solution for businesses and app users. Our dedicated team is always happy to assist and we are constantly evolving - as we continue to find new ways to pay in a snap.