Senior Backend Engineer - Localisation

Senior Backend Engineer - LesanThe Nas Company is on a global mission to share incredible stories about amazing people (Nas actually means “people” in Arabic), and inspire others to do the same. We have achieved this by producing world-class content at our Studio and by empowering creators to productise their knowledge at our Academy. 

To achieve our mission, Tech is one of the primary enablers for making our processes smoother and scaling our impact. So, we’re building technology products by creators, for creators. And one of the key tools that we develop is Lesan. It’s our localisation management platform that combines a streamlined subtitling/translation process, a deep understanding of social media, and thoughtful user experience. This is what enabled Nas Daily to grow on Facebook, from just one English page to 13 localised pages – tripling the total number of followers, to 40 millions, in 4 years. In addition, thanks to Lesan, Nas Academy( became one of the few EdTech platforms to offer an inclusive online learning experience through subtitled videos in multiple languages.

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We raised $11 Million Dollars in Series A funding to grow creator technology – what we’re calling “CreatorTech.” And we’re offering you this once-in-a-life-time opportunity to work with experienced engineers/product managers/designers from the top companies in the world, including Toptal, Grab, Alibaba, Tokopedia, Ernst & Young, and Visa, to build technology from the ground up. We have team members from across the world, with HQ in Singapore, and all your work will be done remotely with your work timings adjusted according to your timezone.

We are looking for a passionate and talented Senior Backend Engineer who recognises the full potential of Lesan, to join our team. Currently, Lesan has been fully developed, but our goal is to take it to the next level and develop a full-fetched product that meets the rapid scale of the Academy. Especially looking ahead, as we start to produce even more courses and open up to external creators in 2022. It is our goal to help all our creators diversify their audience into other languages, in the shortest time possible. You will also play a critical role in shaping the product roadmap and its strategy to market.

Many of us came from jobs at big companies to join this mission of building amazing products. If you are looking for an opportunity to make even more of a positive impact and also grow your skill set in the process, hit the apply button now!You will help us with these key responsibilities:

  • As one of the main developers, you will be responsible for the architecture, implementation, and deployment of Lesan (our localisation management platform).
  • Work closely with our Product Lead and relevant stakeholders to ensure all our tech systems work seamlessly for our translators and customers.
  • Develop new features to enhance the product and complete the product road map for launch to external creators in early 2022.
  • Suggest ideas to improve the product and the system. 
  • Implement the improvements for better user experience and scalable systems.

You are the right fit for the job if you have:

  • Demonstrated 4 years+ experience in back end software development, particularly web applications.
  • Deep knowledge in a backend language, preferably Python (Django/Flask) or Javascript (Node)
  • Experienced in at least 1 Cloud-based deployment solutions, preferably AWS and Container (Docker/Kubernetes) – huge plus.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision to complete the sprint goals and take active initiatives to improve the product
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