Senior DevOps Engineer

The ideal candidate has:

A mindset that thrives in an environment where everyone pulls together toward a common goal, actively contributing their talent and experienceAttention to detailA solid grasp of and attention to what matters, ensuring rock solid infrastructure and security that is delivered on timeAbility to think critically, ensuring infrastructure standards, conventions, performance, and fault tolerance of the highest calibreAble to effectively collaborate with team members of all levels to achieve company standards and goalsAminimum of 3 yearsof hands-on relevant DevOps experience


Proactively address any issues, or blockersCollaborate with management, project management, and QA to meet goals and deadlinesTake ownership of developer, QA and production environments to meet the needs of a high tech teamTake full ownership of CI/CD infrastructure from code repository to productionSupport all internal software systems used in the company SDLCEnsure security, scalability, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery of all infrastructure systemsCollaborate with Technical Leads, Project Management, and Software developers to meet project objectives and company standardsEnsure project documentation is completed in a timely manner and maintained as part of the project lifecycleProactively highlight potential issues and follow up to address and mitigate project risksProactively work to understand and analyse infrastructure running costs and take steps to mitigate and reduce those costs

Azarc develops digital threading software solutions that enable inter-business and inter-sovereign collaboration in a secure and decentralised environment, emphasising transparency, security and fair value exchange. Azarc's Verathread platform creates distributed workflows where multiple companies with legacy systems and disparate data can work together to provide more efficient and reliable end-to-end automation. Our platform leverages both legacy systems and cutting edge technologies such as blockchain to provide our clients with all the tools they need to automate their business processes across organisational and geographical boundaries.