Senior Frontend Engineer

The frontend engineer at Boya builds user interface components and libraries that scale to the business needs of a multi-product business and are performant, reliable, secure, responsive, and accessible

Your responsibilities will be as follows:

  • You will build UI components, libraries, tools, and services that power the Boya platform for businesses and developers.
  • You will modularize UI components and ensure they're extensible at scale.
  • You will take the lead in ensuring all frontend apps/pages are optimized for responsiveness and maximum speed.
  • You will write tests for various workflows to ensure the product is reliable and robust.
  • You will integrate will all APIs required for the full functionality of Boya products.
  • You will co-lead A/B testing sprints for the growth teams and help gather insights throughout the process.


  • You've built UI components with VueJS, Nuxt, and Tailwind with over 10,000 hours of experience.
  • You have experience with NodeJs and Express frameworks.
  • You have a degree in BSc. Computer science or related course.
  • Your previous/current job involved building frontend web apps in VueJs.
  • You have built and published Javascript libraries or tools for other developers.
  • You are looking to learn, mentor new talent, and build great products with other A players.


  • Hybrid environment. 70% remote. Working towards fully remote.
  • Tech gear
  • Full health cover
  • 21 leave days per year
  • 14 sick leave days
  • Awesome working space
  • Lunch provided at the office on weekdays
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