Senior Full Stack Engineer

Purpose of job

  • Streamline internal ops / business processes through automation and API integrations.


  • Cape Town

Required experience

  • Engineering / computer science background
  • Experience working in a startup environment
  • Strong programming ability (at a senior level)
  • Experience as a technical or team lead

How the team fits within Aerobotics

Within Aerobotics, the mission of the Internal Operations team is to build systems for our Operations team, allowing the team to operate as efficiently & scalably as possible. This is in-line with our company objectives, allowing us to scalably service our customers (without growing our overheads linearly), through enabling the business to operate in a data-driven and autonomous way. 

This team will be building systems primarily for the drone operations, data operations and finance teams - including tools & systems to help the teams service internal & external customers. These systems will bridge our web application (Aeroview), our annotation platform (Nursery), Xero & Salesforce - giving our internal users a consolidated view. 

* After 6-12 months, this role will have an opportunity to shift into one of our other tech teams. 

How you will fit within the team

Your contribution as a senior full-stack engineer will consist of:

  • As the initial sole-member of the team and team-lead, you will be working directly with our Operations team, assessing technical feasibility of proposed solutions and building out the relevant tools. 
  • Making impactful design decisions around scalability, reliability, data storage, databases and architecture of the system as a whole, taking cost and efficiency into account.
  • Building data pipelines that bridge our internal applications & microservices, while ensuring that the relevant data is centralized through our ETL pipelines.
  • Building APIs to allow our internal users to access complex data sets.
  • Helping maintain our internal-facing frontend tools.
  • Being a key individual contributor - writing application code and getting your hands dirty.
  • Mentoring juniors across the other teams.

Required Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills & Competencies

  • A strong understanding of the tradeoffs between different design patterns and architectural choices for batch processing and data storage.
  • Experience implementing scalable APIs within a micro / multi-services architecture.
  • The ability to write well-structured, performant backend applications and scripts in Python.
  • Basic experience in building front-end applications using Angular/React.
  • The ability to work autonomously in a small team to solve complex problems.
  • The ability to mentor junior team members and grow expertise across a team.
  • A willingness to contribute wherever needed.
  • A good amount of grit and a growth mindset to thrive in a startup environment.
  • Strong business acumen 

Nice to have:

  • Experience working with third party operations software APIs (Xero, Salesforce).
Aerobotics is a data analytics company, using aerial imagery and machine learning algorithms to help farmers identify pest and disease early Our vision: To provide intelligent tools to feed the world Our mission: We are a data analytics company using aerial imagery and machine learning algorithms to optimize crop performance for farmers around the world. We make it possible for farmers to interact with this data through our mobile and web applications. History: Since founded in 2014 by James Paterson (CEO) and Benji Meltzer (CTO) we have grown to a 85+ people team Our impact to date: We have helped farmers manage over 65 million trees with clients in 18 countries, including Africa, USA, Spain, and Australia. Where we are based: Right now we have 2 main offices in Cape Town and Los Angeles, in addition to this we have Sales Managers on the ground across the world - working remotely and mostly spending their days with our growers.