Senior Fullstack Software Engineer

ParallelScore is a product development studio focused on data and customer-centric designs using emerging technologies. Joining Parallelscore will help you become part of a fast-paced and dedicated team that works together to provide our clients with the highest level of services and advice.

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer that will develop information systems by studying operations; designing, developing, and installing software solutions; support and develop a software team. The Senior Software Engineer will lead a team of developers responsible for building new and support existing Softwares.


  • Manages the client and is called upon to facilitate user requirements sessions, design technical specifications, and manage the development of documentation to meet client expectations.
  • Supports the analysis of client processes and recommends new business models, workflows, or solutions to best meet client needs.
  • Manage all technical aspects of the project and also contribute directly by writing code, managing builds, and performing other hands-on tasks
  • Manages team members to successfully deliver agreed-upon solutions of the highest quality, exceeding customer expectations.
  • Expertly implement designs using modern programming practices, Participate in the architecture and design of systems.
  • Perform code reviews and ensure exceptional code quality.
  • Functionally decompose complex problems into simple, straightforward solutions, Serve as a technical lead on our most demanding, cross-functional projects.
  • Fully and completely understand system interdependencies and limitations, Possess expert knowledge in performance, scalability, enterprise system architecture, and engineering best practices.
  • Assist in the career development of others, actively mentoring individuals on advanced technical issues, and helping managers guide the career growth of their team members.
  • Exert technical influence over multiple teams, increasing their productivity and effectiveness by sharing your deep knowledge and experience.

Required Qualifications/Experience

  • Minimum of 5yrs software development experience and 3-5yrs real management of the engineering team.
  • Expertise in architecting and designing software solutions for various problem types.
  • Working Knowledge of Microservices Architecture
  • Strong proficiency with server-side languages (Node.js and Python preferred), Java (Kotlin), JavaScript framework (React/React-native), C#.
  • Proficiency using MongoDB.
  • Experience working on teams with a heavy emphasis on DevOps, and CI/CD.
  • Contribution to Open Source Projects.
  • Working Knowledge of Data Science and Natural Processing Language (NLP)
  • Experience with AWS or similar cloud platforms (e.g. Google Cloud, Azure, OpenStack), Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Willing to learn and work on different mobile platforms/frameworks when needed.
  • Networking and integrating third-party APIs. Working with a version control system (i.e., Git).
  • Good understanding of Object-Oriented Programming concepts i.e Classes and objects, Inheritance, Encapsulation, and Polymorphism. 
  • Intermediate level understanding of fundamental database concepts — i.e database tables, querying databases, normalization, joins, database management systems.
  • Knowledge of network security and deep knowledge of unit, integration, e2e, and UI testing, as well as testing frameworks/libraries — JUnit(For Java), Espresso, Appium, XCTest(iOS).
  • Working knowledge of at least one CI/CD tool — i.e Jenkins, Travis CI, Circle CI.
Parallel Score is a product development firm that develops data and user-centric solutions by leveraging design, engineering, and innovative thinking. We are a provocative product development agency that is focused on imagining and building highly-interactive and user- driven experiences that push the limits of user design and development.