Senior Platform Engineer

What are we looking for?

As a backend engineer in the Platform team, you’ll get to work across a wide range of systems and environments. As a team, we’re responsible for designing, building, and operating our physical data centres, all of our networking, the services we consume from AWS, and the software we run on top like Kubernetes, Cassandra, DynamoDB, and Terraform. We're investing a lot of up-front effort in building scalable, secure, and resilient systems, capable of supporting Carbon’s continued growth.

 You should apply if

  • the work we’re doing sounds exciting!
  • you’re passionate about Financial Services.
  • you’re familiar with some of our Platform technologies or specialize in just one part.
  • you want to help build, scale and operate a platform to support a product that you (and everyone you know) use or will use every day.
  • you’re keen to learn more about new technologies and the arcane inner workings of the financial industry.
  • you’re comfortable working in a team that deals with ambiguity.
  • you’re interested in distributed systems and writing resilient software

We are looking for candidates who can meet the following criteria - We want to emphasis that we don’t expect you to meet all of the below but would love you to have experience in at least one area.

  •  Experience in building robust, maintainable, scalable applications.
  • Able to work comfortably in a team.
  • Experience building server-side applications using JavaScript (Node.js) and Java (Spring Framework).
  • Experience with VMs, containers and serverless computer platforms. (We use AWS for compute, e.g. EC2, ECS and Lambda).
  • Experience with networking, CDNs, HTTP and TCP/IP basics. (We use Cloudflare, AWS VPCs and many of our services implement JSON and/or GraphQL APIs).
  • Experience with operating systems, configuration management and "Infrastructure as Code". (We use AMIs, Docker Images, Terraform).
  • Experience with monitoring applications (We use Amazon Cloudwatch, Datadog).
  • Experience with managing databases, caches and message queues. (We use Postgres, DynamoDB, MongoDB, Redis and Kafka).
  • Experience as a professional "DevOps", "SRE" or "SysAdmin" roles.
  • Experience working with programming languages (We mostly use NodeJS, Java or Scala but also Python, Javascript)
  • Ability to work with unfamiliar codebases, including internal, open-source and 3rd party code we depend on.
  • Knowledge of microservices (or SOA) and/or distributed systems.
  • Experience in Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration and/or another automated testing.
  • Understanding of basic financial and accounting concepts.
  • Ability to write JavaScript in TypeScript and/or ES6. 


  • At Carbon, People are the heart of the business so we prioritize their welfare. We offer a wide range of competitive benefits in areas including but not limited to ;
  • A great and upbeat work environment populated by a multinational team.
  • Potential to work in different geographies.
  • Health Insurance.
  • Life Insurance.
  • Career development & Growth.
  • We are advocates of work life balance and offer a remote working option for certain roles.
Carbon is a pan-African digital bank focused on serving Africans on the continent and in the diaspora. Carbon transformed retail finance with the launch of its digital app in Nigeria and is focused on democratizing opportunity beyond finance for consumers and small and medium enterprises. From our headquarters in Lagos, and offices in London, Nairobi and Ghana our expansion plans will position us in 6 more countries in the North and West of Africa in the next 2 years as we continue to focus on providing access to financial services to the “Next Billion” starting in Africa.