Senior Software Developer

As a senior developer at SmartWage, you’ll contribute to the development of an innovative fintech product that has the potential to permanently change the way people get paid. 

You will contribute to an application built on modern microservice architecture, written in python and javascript. As a leader in the product engineering team, you’ll make decisions around which features to implement and how best to build them.

We built the SmartWage product to give South Africans better access to their wages. This problem is crucial. Solving it will empower millions of people to escape the vicious debt cycle and in time, reduce everyday inequality in South Africa. We need more brilliant minds to contribute to solving this problem.

What you are going to do

  • Write application code to support a Backend API written in python as a micro-service architecture
  • Build onto an existing frontend framework with the freedom to pick methods of implementation
  • Help manage and grow the SmartWage product team 
  • Explore new tools and technologies to support future plans and growth

Required experience

  • An individual with demonstrated experience in Software engineering / architecture particularly in full-stack web application development
  • Proficiency with Python in the context of web application backend 
  • Experience with Javascript as a frontend language
SmartWage is a South African technology company that makes it easy and safe for employers to pay their staff before payday. We are on a mission to eradicate the payday poverty cycle through access to earned wages and financial education. We have built technology that leverages data in new ways, ensuring that SmartWage is the most affordable and accessible wage access solution in South Africa.