Senior Software Engineer

About the role

The Senior Software Engineer will lead the development of custom enterprise software to power and improve the efficiency of our rigorous processes across the network in line with the overall organization growth strategy

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To design innovative new systems, tools and processes that significantly improve operations throughout the organization; ensuring that IT solutions developed provide optimal solutions to the problems they solve.
  • Developing standards and guidelines for software design and coding to be used by the software team.
  • Ensuring that our IT systems will scale in line with the overall organization growth strategy.
  • Leading of software development resources (in-house and contracted) on architecture improvement projects; customizing internal systems with off the shelf software.
  • Determining all of the sub-tasks required to successfully implement the agreed upon solution, to spec and on time.
  • Responsible for diagnosing problems in development, and coming up with several solution options for both the short-term and the long-term.
  • Responsible for using formal de-bugging methods to identify the root-cause of issues, and implement a corrective action plan based on the analysis done of a best-fit solution.
  • Responsible for recommending best-fit solutions, languages, and frameworks for all web and Android projects.
  • Work with managers to set clear KPIs (quarterly and annually) and ensure work aligns to these goals/metrics and come prepared with documentation for quarterly review meetings with managers
  • Perform code reviews to identify opportunities for future enhancement to code written/apps developed.
  • Work closely with vendors to ensure projects move forward and stay on time and ensure that services are working as expected and promised, and raise concerns to mgmt if otherwise.
  • Manage fellows, partner school students and grads, Unvi interns and grads
  • As the Scrum master you’ll be  responsible for facilitating daily scrum for developers, reporting updates to daily staff meetings, sprint planning, sprint demo and retrospective meetings.
  • Responsible for planning all deployment schedules, project roadmap timelines, appropriately assessing potential risks/timeline slips and making ongoing adjustments to task prioritization as needed.
  • Supporting in-house users of our custom software and problem solving.
  • Provide mentorship and general knowledge transfer in matters IT related to members of the IT team.


  • Degree in Computer Science/IT preferred
  • At least 3-4 years of FullStack development experience
  • Vast working knowledge and experience of Python, Node.js React, AWS, Django
  • Experience in building and deploying Android/Java Apps
  • Experience taking software projects through the entire software lifecycle (requirements analysis, design, implementation, deployment, post deployment support)
  • Development and support of systems that are critical to the day to day operations of medium and large organizations (ERPs, financial systems, CRMs, MRPs etc)
  • Demonstrable knowledge and experience with professional software development practices and tools including source code control, defect tracking, unit testing and code reviews.
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