Senior Software Engineer

Centbee is an innovative South African start-up with global ambitions. We are building financial systems of the future and require enthusiastic open-source developers to join our team.

We use Ionic, Angular, Node.js, JS Frameworks, Mobile platforms, Amazon Web Services and a whole bunch of other tech. If you love Microsoft you won't be happy otherwise come help us build a rocket ship to the moon.

We like to have our team together but often work remotely.

No travel will be required unless you like going to conferences and meet-ups.

We are based around Sandton and Rosebank in Johannesburg.

We have foreign investors and a Silicon Valley mindset. If you have a good attitude and want to live and breath cryptocurrency this won't let you down.

Centbee is a payment company specialising in merchant payments, cross-border remittances and other cryptocurrency related products. Founded in 2017 its stated goal is to "Bring Bitcoin to Africa"​.