Senior Software Engineer

Full-Stack Software Engineers at Sun Exchange will work with product, marketing and compliance to shape the evolution of the look and feel of the system and implement new features on our platform that will enable our members.

Core requirements for success:

  • At least 5+ years of Software Engineering experience
  • Solid experience as a Full-Stack Engineer in any open source language (being happy to write back-end and Front-end code)
  • You are excellent at solving complicated problems, have an understanding of real world issues and wanting to deliver high quality software.
  • Have customer-centricity toward the outputs of your work.
  • Able to self-manage and initiate communications with the necessary people in order to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Able to do code inspections for changes from other Engineers in the team (and they will do the same for you).
  • Be proactive in improving any shortcomings in the code and the infrastructure.
  • You enjoy innovating and are not afraid to learn new and enhance the overall effectiveness of the team.

Preferred skills and qualifications:

  • Experience in the tools and process we are currently using, including AWS, Docker, Node.js, Typescript, Sequelize, PostgreSQL, Blockchain, Trello, Kanban, *nix
  • BSc in Computer Science or Engineering
  • Experience of building financial solutions

Role responsibilities:

  • Work closely with your team, which includes other software engineers, product manager, UX as well as members of the broader business team
  • Utilise your in-depth software engineering knowledge and experience to design, document, implement and test performant and secure features of value to the business and customer base
  • Promote continuous improvement of the engineering team’s processes in order to improve code quality, speed of delivery, and to enhance the overall effectiveness of the team’s outputs.
  • Identify, define and implement automation of repetitive development tasks, infrastructure management and related processes
  • Provide technical support and standby for production systems

Our technology stack:

  • Front-end and service functionality developed in TypeScript
  • Vue.js front-end communicating via GraphQL with node.js services
  • PostgreSQL database on AWS RDS accessed via Sequelize ORM
  • Docker images deployed to AWS
  • Integration with our own Bitcoin node instance to support Bitcoin as one of our payment methods
  • We are, for the most part, a Linux shop


We are serving something larger than oneself. Awareness of our purpose motivates us to maintain a holistic system of relationships and connections. Our attitudes, choices and behaviours should help and not hinder achieving personal and company goals.

Our core values - attitudes, choices and behaviours that help us grow:

  • Ask Why
  • Take Ownership
  • Lead by Example
  • Be Present
  • Foster Relationships
  • Do Good
  • Have Fun

Dare to be great and join the solar revolution.


At Sun Exchange, our mission is to connect the world to the sun. We have built a small team of passionate and driven specialists who are given the space to focus, develop their strengths and autonomously contribute toward the business goals. You will be working with a highly skilled and motivated team who will continuously empower you as an individual in your craft. To learn more about Sun Exchange, please click here.

Sun Exchange is the world’s first peer-to-peer solar leasing marketplace. We leverage financial innovation and the power of the crowd to drive sustainable energy development and make the environmental, social and economic benefits of solar accessible and affordable for all. Through the Sun Exchange online platform, anyone, anywhere in the world, can buy remotely-located solar cells and then lease them to power businesses and organisations in sunny emerging markets.