Senior Software Engineer

You are primarily responsible for two aspects of the Ramp platform. You are tasked with making client features a reality whilst also collaborating with the _DataScience_ (DS) team in order to productionise the DS models. They keep a lookout for ways to improve service performance while also crafting code that is maintainable, easily readable and subject to good coding principles.

# Responsibilities and Duties

* Productionise and modularise DS components (in Python)

* Implement client features in Python with regards to data ingress

 * Data Science model interaction

* Include sufficient code test coverage

* Perform code reviews in a timely manner

* Give timely and honest feedback in weekly 1-on-1 meetings

# Qualifications & Experience

* Computer Science or Information Systems degree/diploma or 4+ years equivalent experience

* At least 1 major Python project

* Experience with SQL

# Skills & Characteristics

* A keen learner with a desire to grow your skills

* Logical with a passion for solving problems

* Exceptional attention to detail

* Demonstrated ability to remain self-motivated

* Able to manage pressure and meet deadlines on time

* Able to eliminate ambiguity, thus clarifying problems and expectations

* Ability to create structure and order

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