Senior Software Engineer

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to produce and implement functional software solutions. You will work with upper management to define software requirements and take the lead on operational and technical projects. 

In this role, you should be able to work independently with little supervision. You should have excellent organization and problem-solving skills. If you also have hands-on experience in software development and agile methodologies, we’d like to meet you. 

Your goal will be to develop high-quality software that is aligned with user needs and business goals. 


  • Lead and coordinate the effort of the software development 
  • Manage the software development process from planning stage to deployment and maintenance  
  • Manage cloud infrastructure on AWS 
  • Lead stakeholder engagements and translate requirements to executable user stories 
  • Collaborate and work with a team of designers to translate designs and wireframes into workable software 
  • Work with other team members in an agile environment comprising of two to four weeks sprints to deliver usable software components 
  • Deploy workable software components to both production and staging environment through deployment pipelines 
  • Follow a TDD approach to software development where code is tested before implemented 


  • BSc. in Computer Science, Software Engineering or any closely related qualification 
  • Must have a full command of JavaScript and React with ES6 syntax 
  • Knowledge of microservices is a must 
  • Knowledge of cloud computing, preferably, AWS is required 
  • Experience developing UI components with Chakra 
  • Must understand the concepts of RESTful APIs and be able to write APIs in Node.js  
  • Experience working with teams in an agile environment is necessary 
  • Experience writing API documentations with Swagger 
  • Must have some level of experience in automated testing 
  • Should have at least 1 year experience leading and managing teams 
  • 2+ years experience as a senior software engineer 
  • Must have some knowledge in conceptual modeling (using UML) 

Preferred Skills

  • 1+ years experience in leading and managing teams 
  • 3+ years experience in a software engineering role 
  • Experience with DevOp tools such as Terraform and Jenkins is a plus 
  • Building APIs with NodeJs is a must 
  • Test Driven approach to developing APIs 
  • Ability to design and implement test cases at various levels to thoroughly test API endpoints 
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