Snr. Software Engineer

The Senior Software Engineer will join the fully-remote, local South African development team, a small cross functional, yet high output group of developers, designer, and testers, with extensive experience in developing web-scale solutions and rapid product development. The team runs scrum and has a lot of autonomy about internal processes. We are part of an engineering team of about 80 people. The entire global engineering team attends a bi-annual engineering summit in Clearwater to meet face to face and connect with colleagues in person. The local team has planning and bonding events in South Africa once per quarter, but team members often get together in co-working spaces to work together in person. You’re going to get to work on very high-impact and challenging projects. We have millions of monthly active users across tens of thousands of clients, who all rely on us to keep their organisations safe from social engineering.


  • Design and develop applications in an agile development environment
  • Design and develop back or front-end end solutions and APIs
  • Rapidly prototype and refine applications based on user experience feedback
  • Collaborate with product managers and fellow engineers to establish and refine requirements

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in STEM field or 5 years of experience in software engineering
  • 5 years of software engineering
  • Strong senior software engineer with solid web application development experience that wants to work in a high performance team within a global, hyper-growth company
  • A degree in Computer Science, engineering or a related field and have been writing software professionally for at least 10+ years
  • Strong grasp of Ruby and Rails (or a related modern web framework and dynamic language), and/or experience building web applications using a modern Javascript stack
  • Have a passion for creating high-quality, secure, performant code with great automated test coverage, and be familiar with all the tools of the trade that are needed to do that
  • Must understand DevOps, how to run apps on AWS infrastructure and understand how code should be built, tested, deployed and run in a scalable, performant way
  • Know your way around at least one database engine (MySQL or Postgres for preference), can write and optimise complex queries and you understand how to design a relational DB schema for maintainability and performance
  • Enjoy learning new technologies and you have a track record of being able to pick them up quickly

Note: An applicant assessment and background check may be part of your hiring procedure.

Individuals seeking employment at KnowBe4 are considered without regards to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

No recruitment agencies, please.

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